If they are done unline Privacy must be a total Erronous Illusion right? I get mail all the time Do it now! Phone calls threatening me about student loans Goverment takes $79 / monthly to pay on those high college loans Chinia video tapes citizens always Is like nowdays simple Are we living in aContinue reading “Census”

On Gossamer Wings

Sailing bye Threw space and time Up threw the ozone Rebounding to.earth No Clarence vell rang Still Marian got her figurative wings She briefly ponders Blue box drifting bye One door She stops Knocks Yells ‘You Who!’ Figures no one home Unlike Iowa’s Human Services September third twenty twelve flies away Floats a bit toContinue reading “On Gossamer Wings”

Top of the world

Not heard my mom giggle Not heard her say hi Val Not heard Marian D Heike laugh Tell a joke ‘I took a neck from some beer bottle, And from a horse I took some hair, I took some hair And I put them all together With some wire and some glue And I gotContinue reading “Top of the world”

Introduction – Chapter 3,Blind Hope by Kim Meeder & Laurie Sacher

Back of book write up;https://youtu.be/CtMqpUnB9A0 Introduction: https://youtu.be/iNZnU2g1F2c Prelogue:https://youtu.be/WI_qmqi6S0I Chapter 1 https://youtu.be/D6K4D-mJzqE Chapter 2a https://youtu.be/63ClM9_wWXs Chapter 2b,https://youtu.be/yH-x3VzwEcY Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/G_Y77DMrUE0

Meow come to me

Meowing Kitty Meow Meow I will always open my door I will always hear n worry Meow Meow Walk outside seeking lost alone cries Meow Meow My cat sits near Little grey kitty been feeding Want I the kitty out In Kitty grey not mine I need him He needs me so out I goContinue reading “Meow come to me”

Chapter 5&6, Teddy and Company by Cynthia Voigt

Chapter 5a,In a witch’s wardrobe by Juliet Blackwell

Chapter 5,Going home Jon Katz

Chapter 3,The Christmas cat by Melody Carlson

Chapter 1b,Christmas cat by Melody Carlson