Advertising and names value

political polling

70.Greetings/smile, Have you Ever known someone innocent and refused to stand up for them?

Will never forget family!

Does pain tell?

Val Whitewolf

Standing on the dock

When deeply hurt Beyond said I step back Travel through time and space August 1978 In Sawyer County I’m nineteen on leave after graduating US Army Boot Camp First woman in my family The lake was home Eight miles from Lorreta,Wisconsin Cub Lake is a lake with land on Chippewa Flowage through woods to BearContinue reading “Standing on the dock”

Pride and Proud sound the same but not

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One voice

home address/business 102 Bothell Avenue apt.8,Ossian,Iowa 52161

Whatever said after every line

Checking if my cat breathes when he no longer does, I will take my last ‘Whatever!’ No family as alone as a dustbowl ‘Whatever!’ Never to sit alone wasting air ‘Whatever!’ Hatred strongest among christians ‘Whatever!’ Chronic cord discontent lonliness tossed aside like dirty socks once loved gay aunt ‘Whatever!’ Lies beat love love andContinue reading “Whatever said after every line”