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Cats go

Cats come, Its where they feel safe, Or warm, Secure in love, This morning Boots watched Chester and Molly embrassed in my arms wrapped in my bear blanket, That’s what Boots wanted, He hesitated his way near to me, The kittens rose and departed, Boots is no longer shivering, Wrapped in the warm blanket belowContinue reading “Cats go”

Harmed More

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,

That’s a crock

Funny plastic shoes, What’s in a word , Once rubber was said, Now no one says rubber shoes, Everything’s plastic, A form of rubber, Stiffer no longer black, Frying pans use to be all black, I have two hand me downs red and one blue, No better, Had no tools after Diana nuked our laundryContinue reading “That’s a crock”

Just sitting

Gift months ago, Unwrapped more recently, Thought had no tools, All I needed was a screw driver, Had that, Took off old could only screw one side on, Could not screw left side in, So I figured the nice wooden give would not work properly, Its hard to get the correct leverage when not uponContinue reading “Just sitting”


One language, One flag, Five branches of service defend our shores, Every morning aware an oath to that One flag, We are not Spanish or African or German or Welsh, We are Muslim,Jew,Christian,Hindu,Pagan and more, And its Christmas rammed down our throats from before Halloween to the day, On country that preaches church and stateContinue reading “America”

Drizzle in Buchanan,County

Just starting eight hours from when those in science said it would begin thanks a lot, Is this the precision that has those in the south believing America is going to finally have that internal revolution that those of us who studied history knew was coming? I had a friend tell me last week inContinue reading “Drizzle in Buchanan,County”

Consumed heart

Is it better to forge friendships, Is loneliness branded upon your heart at birth, Is passion a fire within that blows out? Is happiness a touch of her thigh? The delight of the chase, The surge of the victory reached at climax, One heart beat, Two heart beats, Three then death, Or are we likeContinue reading “Consumed heart”

November but still February temperature

Historic chill in northern Iowa air, Unnormal ten degrees low, Months early deep freeze, No surprise last three years our winters have gotten worse, An oozing injury and a government puts a small bandaid on global warming, Two nineteen food stamps, Fuck that! Last month I had eleven dollars, Wasn’t going to use their moneyContinue reading “November but still February temperature”

The Souix Scout

Beautiful Bronze Sculpture, Rest looking down on Kansas City, The statue stands in memberance, Native Americans, Funny, American Indians crossed the Bering Straits some five thousand years ago, True American is the American Buffalo, Still outstanding job to the artist!

Thoughts become

Realized magic, The power is within us, Moments matter, Words are food for thought, Friends animal and human give others warmth, Warm of spirit, Warmth of presence, Designated our lives are laid out, People we meet are not by luck, Life is not a matrix, Life is not by chance, Our greatest gift is ourContinue reading “Thoughts become”