Half three has struck, Time to frolic is Gone, The clock with no battery has ticked, I have bidded you’ll goodnight, Head in my red hood, My favorite old red sweatshirt with ripped pocket, Time for one more scenic stroll, Little room down the hall, Then to the kitchen to click off the fan, TimeContinue reading “Goodnight”

Vintage Mustang

No judge of ancient car flesh, Looked like at least sixty something, Picking up paper work for heating assistance, I wanted to ask, She was white with black trim, These are expensive collector cars to maintain, I thought it was weird that a newer model followed me from Independence,Iowa to Quasqueton,Iowa, Two In one day,Continue reading “Vintage Mustang”


Not big wheels, Not long hauls, Picking up pets, Taking them home, Tired of human needy, Animals are appreciative, Show trust, Have heart,

A Nation

Laying in state, Her children stand around her, Honor is felt, Love of her people, Seen brows turn down, Honor corp all decked in finest colors, Upon her coffin sits her royal crown, She was more then the symbol, Today her grandchildren came to stand, Loved ones wear honor, Before they came I saw theContinue reading “A Nation”

Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods, In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers, Uncle Norm made the best sling shots, Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated, The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law, John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad, How the meadow changed from huge withContinue reading “Walk I shall always recall”

Sure hope

Long ass, Long ass summer twenty-two, Long ass summer is through, God aweful heat, Global Warming started officially in March last, Marched through like the Atrutians, Before Romans, Big and brutal, It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by, March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s areContinue reading “Sure hope”

The girl in the treehouse

Full of imagination, Heart full, Friend to the Big foots, Fairy gardens a must in every forest, A dreamer, Who I will always love, A Georgia peach, I might never completely agree with, A lover of books like me, It feels sometimes like she pulled up the ladder and shucked it as far away asContinue reading “The girl in the treehouse”

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