With limited other experience

Less people are able to survive retirement without going back to work. I hate disability.I know adding my Rural Rideshare service to my blogging, so why can I NOT FIND FUNDING??? WHY every since I was a kid othrs were jamming me into a square hole, babies Im a Out lesbian so frankling I haveContinue reading “With limited other experience”

Watch “Home business Val’s Whitewolf Media'” on YouTube

One goal for my Studio will be to employ not traditional females and others in my LGBTQ community. Older women find survival hard. Wish someone would hear my goals and plans.

Watch “Another reason “Val’s Rural Rideshare”” on YouTube

I know a book will touch others by my Hallmark rule

Reading the discription makes me chill and tear up books like that fit into my criteria of things I read on my Youtube channle Val’s Whitewolf Media channle. I never saw any of the game of thornes. The author stirs all kinds of emotion from me. Come and check me out sometime I read booksContinue reading “I know a book will touch others by my Hallmark rule”

Watch “Youtube Content Providers ‘thought on music on a video'” on YouTube

Experience shared is like free education.

Why word startup scares capital off?

Start up is like a four letter word to venture financers when the concept should be what people seeking investment should be viable. Business is not like a game full of wimps it takes GUTS not to want to sit around in poverty till people actually realize your death decaying! Guts is a terrific fourContinue reading “Why word startup scares capital off?”

Why Montena?Why not Iowa?

Im a Gay entrepreneur seeking financing not tomorrow,TODAY! Not in Montena. here Iowa! Been seeking funds since 2008 when I returned ti college at 50. I have heart And drive where’s venture capital for an American? Gay Female Empath? Will be deleting my resume I posted on WordPress all I got was hit by 3Continue reading “Why Montena?Why not Iowa?”