Mom’s No surgar( non dairy)

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That use to sum up everything and only a three letter word. Remember another good world its like in 39 Clues Jonah Wizard is always saying ‘Word’. Last 39 Clues a fellow named Erasmus called him sort of on the carpet and asked Jonah what me meant by ‘Word’. Word for Jonah is like myContinue reading “Boy”

Funny things that for a fee become commercials when playing a game( on Facebook)

Sp many things bounce through my head when I’m dinking around not reading just briefly bumbing. Did you know you are invited to get in on the bottom floor of Mary Jane. From pot it tries to get people to do surveys. Have you ever? I worked an entire summer trying to make some moneyContinue reading “Funny things that for a fee become commercials when playing a game( on Facebook)”


Learning involes repetition. Hearing concepts for instant books being read.YouTube is a terrific tool do to the fact books are read on YouTube. These books can be downloaded. Hearing books being read allows me to see and hear new concepts and old ones which allows me to become a better writer. Reading books online allowContinue reading “Learning”

Where are the lesbians, its football seasons?

In my head I hear the gay old tune from Auntie Mame gone crazy called Mame!’ You know the one for Christmas but Im thinking Green Bay Packers! Bring down the holly, make it green and gold,Green and gold!’ Where Oh where are the lesbians! Why do I have to scope them out on lineContinue reading “Where are the lesbians, its football seasons?”

When did America become like the Catholic Latin Church?

Took a class on the Latin Catholic church at Luther College it teaches how the poor support the catholic church. They will not allow the poor to leave poverty and reach for a better life. Low rent housing will not employ anyone who live there. America will not assist financially other like me never beenContinue reading “When did America become like the Catholic Latin Church?”