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Best commercials during Golden Globes

Two Cruise ships, Princess :people were singing the ‘Love Boat’ song , Nicely done, Virgin -The commercial was more elegant then fun, This lesbian would rather be in a row boat on a Wisconsin Lake with fishing rod in hand and bucket of juicy worms, my jack knife and a bucket for my headless ketch.


Oh my ,Oh my,

Even weather bulliton shouting chicken little warning! ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Recession! Little guys first! Like the worlds the Titanic! Funny no one ever says {poets,poor and animals first}, But its us that suffer way before wealthy tell us of a recession, This Jew’s book selling business doesn’t bring in aContinue reading “Oh my ,Oh my,”

Monday Might Football

Only saw half, Love when the pack shines, Out Quarter back smiles, Best commercial this week, GEICO not as good as the Camel and Hump day, But GEICO still nailed it, The Wright Brothers in a two man plane(which in Kitty Hawk Never was) With make believe arm rest for one brother, Other brother hadContinue reading “Monday Might Football”

That’s a crock

Funny plastic shoes, What’s in a word , Once rubber was said, Now no one says rubber shoes, Everything’s plastic, A form of rubber, Stiffer no longer black, Frying pans use to be all black, I have two hand me downs red and one blue, No better, Had no tools after Diana nuked our laundryContinue reading “That’s a crock”


Lovely nap, Time to rise, Nearly six pm, One hundred and sixty, There’s a job always seeking workers, I think its a bunch of tight ass individuals, In order to work for you have to pay for a background check, I have had several of those for various jobs in sixty nearly sixty five years,Continue reading “Wakies,wakies,”

Two favorite commercials first half Packer’s vs Bear game

Samsung Two friends parents both had a big Christmas Parties, The children friends were suffering boredom, It was more amusing texting each other, They watched each other, The little girl takes a photo of her little pal, The boy imagined the two parties one, Bingo,Bango, My magical words, Like in J. K. Rowling’s Harry PotterContinue reading “Two favorite commercials first half Packer’s vs Bear game”