Might have…

Toothpaste on my chin, Fall asleep reading, Laugh, Cry, Point out vocabulary, I wanted to teach, This is one of those moments, Life’s not easy, I would like to be a beacon for future writers, Worry consumes me this week, So much is on the line, I will always have time for goals I set,Continue reading “Might have…”

Just an Idea mine you

Advertising by talking to all local ministers in three towns, Offer grocery pick up, Deliver to their homes, Will assist carting in, Also rides to Walmart and grocery stores, List hours, List price per mile, Deal benefit for age, Recuring rider, No wait time charged to two hours, Charge would be just price of mile.

Chapter 33,Dance with Dragons by George R.R.Martin

Book 5,Game of Thornes,Tyrone Chapter 33a, https://youtu.be/WKJz7KmHvno Chaptee 33b, https://youtu.be/iTH6ODUO3Zg

Chapter 9,Beyond Spiderwick by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

Volume 1 Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8a, https://youtu.be/1_SdLHVv7d0 Chapter 8b, https://youtu.be/wlZKG9DT-Oo Chapter 8c, https://youtu.be/sHcvowpOa50 Chapter 9, https://youtu.be/pAkRhlr7XeU

Chapter 59b,Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

Clash of Kings Wild Fire

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