Ok Crappy attitude here,

Why, Please tell me why jobsites are like iffy sex? Either it’s fantastic, Rockets are piercing the heavens or, Your girl friend becomes Miss Chatty Cathy, Is it so hard simply to go to a site apply for the remote job, Get working???????? I don’t care to read how every company in the world thinkContinue reading “Ok Crappy attitude here,”

No time for a Knight in shinning armor

Will make a legitimate swap, I know I said I would not adopt you, But this girl changed her mind, No longer comparing me a good for lack of a.name knight, Ill go with sister , So Sherry, Goona Tired eyes, Goodnight

Lame duck

Hi, Ho! Well bound to happen, Hot day, Open only two windows in metal home, Got dress turned on two fans, Got water, Got wallet, Got book, Called adopted sister, ‘what she says?’ Then I say ‘Well!’ ‘Mom would say deep subect!’ Gosh I miss mom! Locked out! She said I’ll tell Brent. Two minutesContinue reading “Lame duck”

Adopted families

They don’t get the value you place upon them! If a persons adopted by me I have placed my trust in them. People are oblivious to whats in my heart Seek a love A heart Travel companion Voice a confident Better half In time a home No more seeking fake family Want my family backContinue reading “Adopted families”

Watch “Hero’s of an Iowan Entrepreneur on this 4th of July” on YouTube

From my Pat:Oh, my, Val—just listened to your “heroes” post. Feel blessed to be in that category, but you surely realize I do these things out of love and it warms my heart as well. True friendship is one of God’s gifts and we know that He wants us to love one another, as HeContinue reading “Watch “Hero’s of an Iowan Entrepreneur on this 4th of July” on YouTube”

Like Vampires but not exactly

Well my sister is ill so its me writing and reading, its ok producing content is good.One day I will partake of life again then ‘Watchout!’ For me life consists of zooming through video and camera and books at Wally World and going to Depot in Decorah. The only interesting thing I viewed today wasContinue reading “Like Vampires but not exactly”

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