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Humans say stupidous things

Penny had no heat for over two years, No furnace, Day after Christmas part of her ceiling fell, Water pipes busted in her one hundred twenty year old home, She has worked since fourteen, Lost two baby twins seventeen years ago, Raised a son and a daughter, Her husband miss diagnostic with HIV,she held hisContinue reading “Humans say stupidous things”

She drives home

Sits in her car, My dad did that, I do it cause mom’s death gave me the money to outright buy my first car, My office is in my car, So when I’m out and about, That’s right I’m working remotely, When my office filled with books is parked at home, I work at home,Continue reading “She drives home”

Cold is colder

Colder then you’d imagine no furnace, Its cold in my mobile home, Her eighty- seven year old mom went to the hospital on this god awful cold December day, I drove to assist Penny, I found no sidewalks shoveled, Around a government run senior assisted living government housing, It was like walking on the moonContinue reading “Cold is colder”

$25/through FB

I started off, Off to Pennies, Vie the gas station, It was misting but I figure she’s worth it if I died again, I was told at Kwik Star go home Penny was hating her eighty-nine year old mom watching her in so much pain death would he great in a home without heat, TheContinue reading “$25/through FB”


Wild, Clover, Goodness, Honeycomb, Amish, Gift, Bloody murder to open, My Chester was at my elbow urging me on, Chester believe whatever I open he needs to taste, Chester is incorrect, Honey with comb looks lovely in its glass jar, When I reached for the smallest jar, I always surprises me how close my adoptedContinue reading “Golden”

Pretty good day

Something thought lost wasn’t, Person alive and well, Hates her work because no heat is to cold depressing to survive, Electric heat all money feeds electric company like to unhealthy habit! Only thing friend has for heat is car, Government will not assist because she appears to do well, Fifteen dollars an hour, No breaksContinue reading “Pretty good day”

A request

If anything happens to you, I have your key, I will get Pretty, Pretty’s a bird Penny saved from the trash in California behind at Pet store, Will get your turtle, Your kitties will all have places in my heart, After our set fire mom asked me to get her coin collection and her rings,Continue reading “A request”


I want to tell you about a caring loving individual, Who will drive from her home to Independence to check on the well-being of another one of the goddesses creatures, The world is blessed if for no other reason than because this woman is in it, Every animal and human that come within distance ofContinue reading “Stubby”


Horns are not! Children crying are not, Google is not, Pipe organs can be when played well, Singers can be, Chandeliers can be, Bells can be, Sex can be, Vista’s can be, Words are, Destruction can be, Wars or not, A book can be, Arguments never are, The share word is melodious thank you forContinue reading “Melodious”

The best gift is by chance

Best moments best moments are spent with that gift that you found by chance, It allows you to adopt family not given with blood, My best gift, Gift by chance, Was he younger sister, Her name is Penny, Bright as a penny, She makes memories, She involves me, Something neither one of my given bloodContinue reading “The best gift is by chance”