I want to tell you about a caring loving individual, Who will drive from her home to Independence to check on the well-being of another one of the goddesses creatures, The world is blessed if for no other reason than because this woman is in it, Every animal and human that come within distance ofContinue reading “Stubby”


Horns are not! Children crying are not, Google is not, Pipe organs can be when played well, Singers can be, Chandeliers can be, Bells can be, Sex can be, Vista’s can be, Words are, Destruction can be, Wars or not, A book can be, Arguments never are, The share word is melodious thank you forContinue reading “Melodious”

The best gift is by chance

Best moments best moments are spent with that gift that you found by chance, It allows you to adopt family not given with blood, My best gift, Gift by chance, Was he younger sister, Her name is Penny, Bright as a penny, She makes memories, She involves me, Something neither one of my given bloodContinue reading “The best gift is by chance”

The world

What a gift, A day with my sister Penny, Met her seems a life time ago, Rolled into less then a month, Best family adopted without paper work, Found with a Goddess blessing, Prayed for Recieved, The world, Not a friend someone who calls me sister, Penny looks forward to Saturday because she spends theContinue reading “The world”

Tears burn my eyes

Like a dessert Without a friend life is distorted, Until I found my friend Penny I had been wandering alone, Stumbly blind empty and out of gas, One day a week its like communion for my spirit, I’m not alone thinking of why, Possibilities hold me, How much time can I savor with the penniesContinue reading “Tears burn my eyes”

Which number

Agorthems, A series of equastions, A matrix, A geno, A puzzle, No life is more then that, Life is more complex then old fuddy duddies imagining and equation, Life is unequatable, that why life hurts, Life is people like Penny Martin met in Walmart’s parking lot, Penny’s a person in just a bit of timeContinue reading “Which number”

Why is it the last thing family want to do for loved ones is stay with them or invite them into your home? Our elderly gave up everything for us!

When I was in Junior High school three older sisters adopted dad, Dr.L.N.Heike, dad would make house calls, Dad was a Chiropractor for forty years, Non of the sisters had children or married , Mory Hart was dad and mom’s and the sisters attorney, One day the sisters,Sofia,Clara and the youngest Minnie put it inContinue reading “Why is it the last thing family want to do for loved ones is stay with them or invite them into your home? Our elderly gave up everything for us!”

Time with Penny

Makes me imagine is this what it would have been like with a younger sister who valued my time spent with her at least half as cool as with her friends! A day spent with Penny has me missing mom who was jipped by my older half sister from her home,cat,me and Ellen’s family, DianaContinue reading “Time with Penny”

Four eleven am,

Fifty-eight degrees, Just turned off second fan, Last Saturday my friend, Did something totally unexpected, Adopted little sister, Bought my breakfast, That was the nicest thing done to me since two fourteen, By a new friend, I have no way of knowing how to tell her how she makes my life better, The lower temperatureContinue reading “Four eleven am,”

A Blessed me

A blessed lesbian, A Blessed single cat loving animal friend, A blessed Iowan, Is one with a friend, My friend is an outstanding, Good hearted, Her names Penny, Generous straight friend, I adopted her as a little sister Never knew a gal like my pal, My adopted little sisters, Mirror image of me, Not inContinue reading “A Blessed me”

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