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New phones

What the F? New phone but word press will not allow me back into my Blogg! The new phones a Samsung! Its great I loose my Anchor podcast, Just hit 1001 followers I loose that too! As a writer I care very little for most things except writing and selling books and my cats.

Harmed More

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,

Writings of a poet

Had left a poem bout two women I loved, Unfinished gone now, That’s pissy, My mom was so angry at something I wrote about my concussion about liking but not able to have when thirteen she kept that one letter forever until forced to Texas in 2015, Jean Huffy had my writings, Poems I sentContinue reading “Writings of a poet”

Frivellous my word

People who only believe in self worth, Value non silly fun, Silliness is a battery that stops in 2021, Commences once more in twenty twenty-two, Historians such as I that know every number over twenty needs to be spelt out unless its earmarking a specific historic year, But is it historically significant for others orContinue reading “Frivellous my word”

Demise of a lady

Laura Zidlicky, Mother of three, A daughter,A son and her devoted daughter in law Pat, Laura was an artist, I never saw her walk with a cane or shake like I do, But then Laura never was hit by a car, Laura lost her husband and her son, Laura was born in nineteen nineteen, HerContinue reading “Demise of a lady”

How to describe writing

Its like a mass in in my gut, It compels me like to much fluid during a car trip, The mass s dying to get out, Or a dog needing to walk, How do you feel toward your passion,

Rushes past

Years, Hours, Moments, Fell asleep briefly, Life passes, Your a child failing at races, Your dad’s disappointed, All you recall is the punishment, Grade school seems a brief instance, Imagination saved some of us, Even at eight last one picked stings, Some teaches use you like an experiment in square dancing Val Heike tallest forthContinue reading “Rushes past”

CW- is showing

The worst Thanksgiving TV show I ever saw five minutes of, It was a remake of Walton’s mountain the supposed younger years, In a small room we were to imagine the kitchen of the large farm house with a tiny refrigerator in the corner and a nice white cook stove. It was extremely horrible, IContinue reading “CW- is showing”

Consumed heart

Is it better to forge friendships, Is loneliness branded upon your heart at birth, Is passion a fire within that blows out? Is happiness a touch of her thigh? The delight of the chase, The surge of the victory reached at climax, One heart beat, Two heart beats, Three then death, Or are we likeContinue reading “Consumed heart”