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Dressed in White

Long white gloves, Fine white coat, New bouncer in town, Sadie in her best grey calico fur, Raced across Val’s mom’s brass wall hanging resting on the floor, Rattle rattle, Grawl, the brawl noise is heard, Loud drawn out! Only one us left in the room, Looking so fine, Watch out all you cats! ‘Lulu’sContinue reading “Dressed in White”

Ceiling fell(b)

Daughter’s best friend and boyfriend arrived from Waterloo, Helped like troopers, Penny’s own daughter could not be bothered to come home to help Penny her own blood mom, Her daughter abandoned Penny like her birth mom an Amish girl nearly sixty years ago, That thought made Penny uncontrollable in anguish, At times Penny reminds meContinue reading “Ceiling fell(b)”

Harmed More

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,

December twentieth

Two days and one year after warmest day in December ever, Gone up from four degrees to nine, Its one forty seven pm time to go out to post office its nine miles away, Took me hours to warm up after dumping water all over my feet and only having one dry sock, Got toContinue reading “December twentieth”


Good natured fun, Darn right silliness, Recalling family who died we in Dachau, A young man in winters northern cold last night missed a signal, No matter how far he goes on his career he will forever be that guy who missed his quarterback rubbing his forearm, At the time Walmart’s camera shot that nuanceContinue reading “Remembered”

Monday Might Football

Only saw half, Love when the pack shines, Out Quarter back smiles, Best commercial this week, GEICO not as good as the Camel and Hump day, But GEICO still nailed it, The Wright Brothers in a two man plane(which in Kitty Hawk Never was) With make believe arm rest for one brother, Other brother hadContinue reading “Monday Might Football”

Frivellous my word

People who only believe in self worth, Value non silly fun, Silliness is a battery that stops in 2021, Commences once more in twenty twenty-two, Historians such as I that know every number over twenty needs to be spelt out unless its earmarking a specific historic year, But is it historically significant for others orContinue reading “Frivellous my word”

Demise of a lady

Laura Zidlicky, Mother of three, A daughter,A son and her devoted daughter in law Pat, Laura was an artist, I never saw her walk with a cane or shake like I do, But then Laura never was hit by a car, Laura lost her husband and her son, Laura was born in nineteen nineteen, HerContinue reading “Demise of a lady”

Other day

When I strode out, I heard a sound, Thought it was my burnt lungs, Was sure I founded like a cat, I strolled to the far side of my porch, Scanned across the yard, There by the back door was that scared white kitten, The one who for twelve hours was under my porch, IContinue reading “Other day”


Eight on group, Never on Iowa have I ever seen eight deer together, This is farm and murder all life forms found, Also saw one all alone, Alone is normal, Alone is sad, I know that as I rest in my electric chair with baby kitty on my chest under my Pennsylvanian wolf blanket andContinue reading “Heard”