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Demise of a lady

Laura Zidlicky, Mother of three, A daughter,A son and her devoted daughter in law Pat, Laura was an artist, I never saw her walk with a cane or shake like I do, But then Laura never was hit by a car, Laura lost her husband and her son, Laura was born in nineteen nineteen, HerContinue reading “Demise of a lady”

My twins

Mane coons, I think that’s firms they in motion remind me of raccoons, They leap in a cute fuzzy way, Schnuggler followed the stray Penny and I saved in Oelwein in the pregnant way, A white calico we didn’t want her dying in front of her humans home because they would not try in theContinue reading “My twins”

Hate to be a squirrel

Tall trees behind my mobile home, At the tippy tippy top summer homes rock, Better made then humans homes on mountain tops or California hills, Cold blustery last day November 2022, Twenty-one degrees Quasqueton,Iowa, My house is set st sixty-six perfect for kitties and poet, Tall and bendy trees, Wonder how many puke bags theyContinue reading “Hate to be a squirrel”

Baby Kittens Alive

I heard and saw nothing yesterday, Kitten just on my porch, Cocky and sure, Alive, Alive, Alive Oh! Now just have to find out how the roads are, No WIFI access in Quasqueton,Iowa, Verizon you suck!

The world

What a gift, A day with my sister Penny, Met her seems a life time ago, Rolled into less then a month, Best family adopted without paper work, Found with a Goddess blessing, Prayed for Recieved, The world, Not a friend someone who calls me sister, Penny looks forward to Saturday because she spends theContinue reading “The world”

Sadie the pole dancer

Sadies eight month old grey calico, In heat fir second time , As I maneuver down the hall, Sadie weaves in and around my legs, When not with my cane, She scares me, PTSD victim of narcissistic half sister, I scream, I fear not falling but hurting her, When I knee on a chair, MyContinue reading “Sadie the pole dancer”

First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}

Audio recording{} The Battle was still raging in many quadraints. Tilting ones head hither and neither noise was audible screams and moans from various wounds those deadly others not so severe. Horses neighing. Chariots crunching over falling enemy. Father{ whose name was Gidion} was being treated. Jeremiah my forth oldest brother was a perigrin falcon,Continue reading “First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}”

Dancing trees,

Winter storm never arrived, Swaying tree tops, Pitching too and fro, Massive walnuts, Buchanan County, I cranked up the heat, Still one moment, The next dancing on the tree tops, So happy no nest yet, Living in my metal tube, Wind outside felt within, Ling for property and a cellar if my own, No placeContinue reading “Dancing trees,”