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No ceiling

Why is there no government agency that monitor what owners of mobile homes sell? Why is selling mobile homes that should be pulled away and distroyed allowed? We have homes for non citizens but American poor are allowed to be sold mobile homes with black mold to old to be lived in simply because theyContinue reading “No ceiling”

Will updating my WordPress stop it from No corroperating while I write?

I don’t know my swearing isn’t helpful, It refuses to advance a paragraph down, It keeps what I write hidden in limbo, When I do try to advance a paragraph I have to strick the next paragraph repeatedly, And nothing so I try to correct what it was not helpful with, Then totally out ofContinue reading “Will updating my WordPress stop it from No corroperating while I write?”

DMC Client Update

Since the little creeps at Verizon yesterday, While I sat four miles outside of town they took it upon them selves to download DisneyPlus and PlutoPlus to my crappyass verizon phone, Now verizon continues to tell me there isn’t enough space for them to update, Would have been swell if they left me alone, WhatContinue reading “DMC Client Update”

Just talking to Chester

He hung last night, Front of the house, Where ever you live its your home, Top of the trees behind my mobile home stand several trees, With fifty mile an hour winds they bend to and fro, First time squirrel builders who build to far on a limb homes are swept away, There’s a reasonContinue reading “Just talking to Chester”

Just took

Just took nearly year and eight months, To find my frying pans, Had a pound of bacon in the fridge since September, Not to fry bacon in, Cook an egg, Fry potato’s, Found those horrid plated with a tiger design, But that was OK, Never desired to eat upon them, Gonna see if Penny willContinue reading “Just took”


When things are bestowed upon you its a gift right? Is that an obligation? Can the giver two years later call you up and use that gift? Instead of going and buying g what they need? They never at anytime said ‘Here this box of art supplies until in case in the future I mightContinue reading “Given”

Snow is as important as rain

To the farmer water levels matter, Everything done with natures touch prepares for spring, A draught during growing season is equivalent to winter snow, Snow in the mountains matter, The spring melts in northern states help farmers , Natural irrigation is better, Its the costly spring rains that is hazardous to the earth, The overContinue reading “Snow is as important as rain”

Next week past forty

Irrational, Irksome, Terrible cold, Like magic next week next to fifty degrees, Time warp! Tarsus, No,no , I’ll stick with irrational, First of December temperatures, Plummith once more, Some wizard is playing with the temperature, If they it is irrationally warm up north what is it in the tropics? Having Verizon I have no wayContinue reading “Next week past forty”


Dang site better, Warmer then ten, Still my kitties were stirred up, Even momma kitty and babe, Afraid of front of my mobile home, Why? On night when so damn cold, Only my oldest babes sleep near, Emily,Sophie and Teddi, Sometimes Precious or Lady, Last night Chester,Sophie,Sadie,Emily and Precious and Snuggles, Penni came in aboutContinue reading “Twenty-eigth”