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She drives home

Sits in her car, My dad did that, I do it cause mom’s death gave me the money to outright buy my first car, My office is in my car, So when I’m out and about, That’s right I’m working remotely, When my office filled with books is parked at home, I work at home,Continue reading “She drives home”

One fifteen November day after Thanksgiving,2022

Temperature has reached fourty-five, Still bright and blue, Croopie, Phelmy, Out to my Chevy I go, Stopping to potty, I hate that I have to go sit on the corner, Several people will drive by slow, I will feel like a potential victim of a drive by shooting, Will have to crank my Chevy on,Continue reading “One fifteen November day after Thanksgiving,2022”

Not a hip place

If comfortable in PJ’s and slippers, Not Walmart fashion, Techno replaced christmas music Like christmas music, Not got why christan holiday music! America the melting pot, The slogan alone should have shouted Not all jesus believers, See Halloween, Already candy wise at Walmart, August is nearly three months from the end of October, Saw candyContinue reading “Not a hip place”

With a clatter

Nope not old Saint Nick, Nowhere near winters deep freeze, As I sat a reading, From the bathroom I heard, Scurry,scurry of kitty feet, Then thump and clatter,the thump was kitties falling, Into the bathtub, The clatter was the whole rig that made up the shower curtain, Which no longer hangs in my bathroom, IContinue reading “With a clatter”


Terror, Blood runs cold, Ice, Ice in your veins, May something, Day after yesterday ‘Whatsit?’ After leaving bathroom, Deciding to ducktape mt window before I feed the kittens, It took stepping out of the bathroom, Turning the corner, Eyes and brain coming into sink! Like a time Warp! Knowing there is No shelf in myContinue reading “Terror”

Fashion statement,

Sign of the times, Pajama pants are not attractive, Never meant to be worn outside, Would you wear a teddy, With a slit were material covering your bottom should be? Years ago working at Mt Rushmore, Sturgeon Motorcycle week was on, A guy in no back chaps was in food service briefly, It was notContinue reading “Fashion statement,”

Funny that!

Back of head still hurts from Firemen in December two fourteen slamming my back left quadrant into a wall during our set laundryroom fire. Funny that! Where as and hetherto-, Slamming my right front hemisphere inti the concrete road after penetrating a ninety-three year old retire attorney Lynn Morrows front window August eleventh at fourContinue reading “Funny that!”

Not a salmon

Don’t look at me that way, Don’t, Just don’t, I’m not here for anyone to feel sorry for, Salmon spent their lives swimming home, Why? That’s right lay their eggs and die, A young lesbian in Florida just told me she was sorry I was on disability, Evidently she has never seen the stats, MostContinue reading “Not a salmon”

History Strange,illegal, government run legal

Pot illgal, Jail or prison time to sell it, .medical, Herb changed by government, Legal, Medical still not covered by medical insurance, Gamblining on games, Now like gambling house in government hands, Codine legal in fifties, Coke originally made as tonic had coke in it(Codine), Then medical took over, Abusive, Watch history, One day governmentContinue reading “History Strange,illegal, government run legal”