My Florida depressed friend calls me nightly, I always stop! What ever I’m doing and answer the phone, I know it will just be all about her pain, Then if I try to share anything instantly she us to tired to talk abd must rest, Before she goes whether its ten pm or one thirtyContinue reading “Guilt”

Thought animals were protected in America

When I was younger there was a song I mean a really good song, It was called Cats in the cradle, Is it right or that song never got to grow to be an old man for his son died in a car wreck, It was a sad song too, One of the trailers thatContinue reading “Thought animals were protected in America”

Is it legal

To take a hard worker, Fifteen years,female,nurse in ER, After hip surgery walked during her forty plus a week with cane, Atta the nurse in question worked nights, They at this Catholic Iowa Hospital been shorthanded, So like Yoda would say ‘Overtime Must labor!’ Atta never balked! Daughter need mom home, Drove forty miles bothContinue reading “Is it legal”

Eighteen years in the ER

Catholic hospital,Waterloo,IA, Can’t give out drugs to stop , Err abstain from pregnancy , Can placed disabled hard working nurse who worked eighteen years in ER on temporary disability, Nurse Atta we will call her, Worked sixteen hour days, Nurses use to stay in rooms not used so short on staff, Can’t now,now they stayContinue reading “Eighteen years in the ER”

The Lusitania

Funny strange, Sometimes equal, Both true, Both wrong, In two twelve my half sister had worked for two years destroying the truth and my family, That accomplish she set out to destroy separate those that held my confidence, She failed, Those I trusted and loved goodness withstood her, So I find the one I thoughtContinue reading “The Lusitania”

No foul no harm,

Amish boys to young men, Girls to women, Rumspringa, Young adopted just recently my younger sister, Lost Ellen at her age of fifty-nine, Two years ago, Pennies mom an Amish girl bout sixteen, Met a trucker, When she found herself in family way, Told her father, Pennies mom not baptized to Amish church yet wasContinue reading “No foul no harm,”


Life’s scratches, I have a friend sure her bumps and scratches beat mine, Life is like a game, Their turn to chat, Then when its yours they say ‘well Val you can’t compare your pain to mine!’ Come on,how would she know she blows me off, Changes happen in time, Not right away, But ourContinue reading “Comparing”

Lying noises

When a friend doesn’t get it, It wasn’t an afternoon lark! Gave me PTSD! It was being helpless, Watching a narcississ half sister steal my good name, Corrupt me crippling more then being struck by Linn Morrow’s car, Its hard to circle wagons when attacked by lies of a family member do that half sisterContinue reading “Lying noises”

Amish mom

Before a youth joins the church family, A youth is allowed in larger communities to go on Rumspringer Rumspringer allows young Amish to swing, Drink,meet other young people, Experience the outside world, One young Pennsylvania did just that, Unfortunately, Unfortunately like without a thought in her head, Without a care, One night, It only takesContinue reading “Amish mom”

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