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Best sleeping drug

Cat in my arms, If your seeking an elaborate poem, My pretty ones, This is but a to the point, Elegant and distinct, I hold a kitty, Can fall asleep ready, Tomorrow after the food bank, A lady who found an orange kitten, Has decided the kitten isn’t a keeper, I think all life is,Continue reading “Best sleeping drug”

Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history, Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery, Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier, Electric driers cause twoContinue reading “Chapter 5, Jolly Holly”

Six seventeen am,

Five bars, Verizon’s warp sense of fun, Going to change to Penny’s phone when I can, Shit, Bars are all gone! Like screwed up humor, Now the littlest bar, I hate US Cellar withdrew it money can’t pay them for their crappy phones that I can not afford and eat, I miss them, I missContinue reading “Six seventeen am,”

Throw away

How do people toss out a child, Human or not, Both are mammal, No cry last night, Something killed the kitten, I contemplated sending the little mom out to find the kitten, Then two would be out in this horrible weather and I might never see either, I could not do that, But then I’mContinue reading “Throw away”

When a friend vanishes

How do you talk, How do you find our why? How do you know they are well? Were you just being played? Say you knew them for months, They made your life worth, You sleep one night on their couch, That’s it was it real? Did I imagine belonging, Is that the last time IContinue reading “When a friend vanishes”

All Saints Day

November first,twenty twenty-two, Seventy-two degrees, I understand decorating outside of houses, Town streets, Why not Wally World decorates stores to rape clientele of every penny, But Gees Louis don’t turn the freaking lights on! This is November 1st,2022 not December for twenty-nine days until, Until December first! When I was a christian the joy ofContinue reading “All Saints Day”


My Florida depressed friend calls me nightly, I always stop! What ever I’m doing and answer the phone, I know it will just be all about her pain, Then if I try to share anything instantly she us to tired to talk abd must rest, Before she goes whether its ten pm or one thirtyContinue reading “Guilt”

Thought animals were protected in America

When I was younger there was a song I mean a really good song, It was called Cats in the cradle, Is it right or that song never got to grow to be an old man for his son died in a car wreck, It was a sad song too, One of the trailers thatContinue reading “Thought animals were protected in America”

Is it legal

To take a hard worker, Fifteen years,female,nurse in ER, After hip surgery walked during her forty plus a week with cane, Atta the nurse in question worked nights, They at this Catholic Iowa Hospital been shorthanded, So like Yoda would say ‘Overtime Must labor!’ Atta never balked! Daughter need mom home, Drove forty miles bothContinue reading “Is it legal”