Neighbors keeper

I’m not, To tell a truth that isn’t, For this Midwesterner that equates to a lie The truth is always whole, White lies are lies, Half truths also lies, To tell your church congregation, As a christian you need help paying a bill but, Some if the money given, Best intentions for sure, For sure,Continue reading “Neighbors keeper”

One beer, twelve, So I can drift off to sleep before one am, I have a friend up all night, Calls me at ten thirty, She’s fifty-one,frowns on me if I twelve years her senior has a beer, Tells me Not to talk if I’m drinking, She’s using mushroom’s, It’s not my business, For mushrooms areContinue reading “One beer,”

Got no dancing shoes,Got no time,

Loved to dance Love her man, Feet don’t dance no more, Got no shoes, Loves her babies, Grandchildren 2, Toes a dancing, August suns hot, Cutting rugs no more, Still loves video dancing, The Olympics rock, Zidlicky house, Postville Io-wa! Music playing, Pat with sad far away look, Val no more dancing for me, WhyContinue reading “Got no dancing shoes,Got no time,”

Dancing Queen

A dear friend of mine, When dancers dance toes tap, Studied in college, Fell in love, One guy, Three children, Lots of love, Toes still tap, She had started dancing again, Paul the one fellow stilled her dancing heart was taken too soon, Toes still tap, Last year she still danced, In a group, MetContinue reading “Dancing Queen”

Why is it offensive to YouTube my saving ‘All babies are important?’

They removed a video and it was of my newest kitten. A friend if mine said it was offensive because I said all babies are important. I said all life matters. And I believe all life matters. I was referring to Human Services who deem themselves gods and still allow abusive parents to beat theirContinue reading “Why is it offensive to YouTube my saving ‘All babies are important?’”

Chapter Two conversation between friends.

July 9,2021 Debra: Long time ago I find out my self that I’m only interested in women’s.since that time I never been in any relationship,never come out to anybody here,I always suffer inside knowing that I will never be happy with a man.I can’t find a relationship because know body know about my sexul orientation.MyContinue reading “Chapter Two conversation between friends.”

Two new friends chat

Chapter 1(a compile of two days per chapter for one month.) One new friend from Africa, One friend from Quasqueton,Iowa, History major, Entrepreneur, Writer, WordPress, YouTube channel, July 8,the,2021 Friend we will call Debra: No I never knew about that,good to know that….few women now having big power position,eg Tanzania we have a president whichContinue reading “Two new friends chat”

The Swimming Hole

Rumor had it its across Wolfies, Its free, Swimming in the hole, Not so much a hole, Not exactly across from Wolfies, Wolfies only real resteraunt in Quasqueton Iowa, Quasqueton Iowa city looks like a big park, Wolfies sits on the river, Dead across from a campground and a dirt road, Rumored to lead to…Continue reading “The Swimming Hole”

Vets all ages now

Young kid pulls into a parking slot, Oriental young man hopped of his bike, African American comes over annoyed shouting, A tussle ensues, All over a Military Vet’s parking slot, The boy, The young Chinese American, Freshly home from his second tour, The fight was all about disrespect, See older Americans are not being sentContinue reading “Vets all ages now”

The Train

My neighbor talks to me, Her father tortured his family for hours, Little brother beat unconcious, The train was savage, Unrelenting beating his sons and daughter bloody, Mother left, Coward! Some families war was on the home front! My dad’s weapons of pain were inflicted verbally! My older sister Diana lied”savagely, Crushed my good name,Continue reading “The Train”

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