Amish mom

Before a youth joins the church family, A youth is allowed in larger communities to go on Rumspringer Rumspringer allows young Amish to swing, Drink,meet other young people, Experience the outside world, One young Pennsylvania did just that, Unfortunately, Unfortunately like without a thought in her head, Without a care, One night, It only takesContinue reading “Amish mom”

Judy’s wheels

So good to see you out, Zooming here, Thinking of this old friend, Recruiting your husband to do for me, What a friend, What a pal, It really was great seeing you out, Even Mr.Black came off his table to the door, He never leaves the table unless he is on a pooing mission.

There comes a time

Others control us Not, Others have Absolutely No power to say they are dropping us! We are Not Hot potato’s, Grow the Fuck up! Either guide us with love or Go away! We are not your responsibility! Don’t say you are washing your hands from our Situation , When you are really throwing us away,Continue reading “There comes a time”

Not picking up

Every night I say, If watching a movie, Or TV which she does not get, I say to ‘Celia ‘vittially in my head wait!’ This is time, I don’t care she is sad! I don’t feel like. Having to virtually pat her upon the back, Last night she interrupted a movie five times, I hadContinue reading “Not picking up”

Motorized Wheelchair

Lawsuit waiting to happen, Or trip to Vegas just to eat well, You see friends on FaceBook, They tell you where they reside, North side of Chicago, They tell you they are retired, They were a body guard, Rent is $1200-2500 a month, Friend has two bedrooms, Has been awarded two big settlements, Hit byContinue reading “Motorized Wheelchair”

Addictive to nicotine gum

As addictive as smokes, My friend smoked for thirty years, Chewed one stick after another for seventeen years, The quiting hotline understand quiting smoking, There is no understanding for gum, My friend we will call Florida, Had four sticks left for two days, A few minutes ago found two more packs, I wonder now thatContinue reading “Addictive to nicotine gum”

What an Expression!

Hope springs eternal, My friends in agony, Her dad a sexual fien, Neighborhood family doctor, Raped his daughter at two, Daughter raped by dad and uncle, Fifty-three now vagina still aches, Fears terrors still consumes her, Each night she calls, Her purpose to tell me of her depression, Not the liest bit interested in myContinue reading “What an Expression!”

A true blue sister

Walter Cuba Hood, I hear you feel more sadness, Sadness surrounds us, Every smile pushes grey away, We all harbor dim days void of light, We are all scared, Life is like a sealed box, Endless possibilities, Your life brief but when sad feels endless, With each new day, Like the sealed box, Windows andContinue reading “A true blue sister”

Once knew a fellow

Once had a friend named Micheal, Salt if the earth he was, Micheal Hood hailed from Winchester,Virginia, No better friend I have ever known, Micheal placed friendship high on his list of value, I recal two thousand and two, Hours were short, Skyland Lodge more mine then others, Sane sexual Harrassment suffered I, Fir justContinue reading “Once knew a fellow”

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