Do you appologize to your firbaby?

My cat and I had cottage cheese fir lunch he lives it.Black sleit all afternoon.Awoke peed on a pillow got yelled at.Peed on the blanket on my lap.Got yelled at again. Then I appologized. Do you do that? After a long car ride to a new apartment in Texas. My miece cat in a cageContinue reading “Do you appologize to your firbaby?”

How many times?

Just how many times have you thought Gee I’m sure glad I heard that story on NPR? That’s what Val’ Whitewolf Media does, I tell stories by reading peoples books and qualitive and quanitative documentations. Just now with ten other books I’m reading Voyage and other writings of Washington Irving Copywrite 1891. I also shareContinue reading “How many times?”


Have you ever had people in your life who refuse to get what it is you do? Scold you because your smart phone is on ‘Do not disturb’? Be bitchy because you were not on facebook or cell phone when the called you to tell you whats the matter with you after you were toldContinue reading “Intimination”

Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?

What I do might be looked at as volunteering to read due to the fact I read but gain no monitary value just now. I bet Guttenberg when building the first printing ptess was smirked at. People for a century or more copied books by hand and here’s a dude attempting to build a machineContinue reading “Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?”

Happy 58th Ellen see you!

So Ellen did Diana tell you about her removing my lock to keep our front door sealed to stop the loss of warm air in October 2014 . Did she tell you how she belittled our 86 year old mom by sticking her hand in moms face and belittling mom ‘Yelling,You have NOTHING of value,Continue reading “Happy 58th Ellen see you!”

What gives Facebook the right?

They wish us share.So people share.Don’t share with mire people on your page that friend you.Some people are thrilled they have 6000 friends. People who are on your page but do not chat with you are they your friends? I feel a fool. Facebook treats us as if were are children if we try toContinue reading “What gives Facebook the right?”

Peanut Butter,Hum Yum and..?

I have been healing weeping itching, itching weeping.Cellitice darken my legs play havoc with the crappy veins that have not worked for years. Useless veins I used vegitable oil for years.I usually try to get peanut butter.Need the oil for cooking so I thought hummm! Peanut butter. Creamy much better then peanut. I stopped itchinContinue reading “Peanut Butter,Hum Yum and..?”