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Did I tell you,

After two trips up into the dead of winter of the ‘Day After’,without Dennis Quad,

First trip sixty-five in March climbed like a mountain goat up vertical steps void handrail to hook up an electric heated to thaw out the bathroom frozen pipes,

Then the landing full of shoes bought to sell but sit there forlorn then there’s a lovely old hand rail to the top five more steps,

Heater didn’t fit where Penny had wanted it,

The plug in dud nothing the unit works it had been on until I turned it off and unplugged it,

Folks going up and down is different as a twenty year old without being wedged into a 93 year old retired attorneys windshield.

I use to jump over four steps at a time,

I had to get on the floor the daughter had left and old end table at the top of the stairs with old fashion compacts from on my Antiques Roadshow they appear mom’s generations from the 1940’s,

Table came to my knee I’m five eleven now so I force myself to hug on horseshoe hoping not to smash my face into the wall then I lowered my knee cap,


Turn a round a bit and sat down the first time I slid all the way down opened the door,no idea how to stand so I slid my ass all the way to the chair twisted myself around to hop on the chair,I don’t hop its an expression!

Penny I say bad news ,doesn’t work ,

Penny handed me a cord extension she said plug, she said use to connect the heater and the electric heater,’There must be another plug in up there.’

Penny had not been upstairs in ten years and then she slid up backwards,

So up I went!

Climbing turning on the landing then once more I stood on the polar bear second floor the rooftops still wind blown cold eerie places the vista was poignant!

I found where plaster hated it up thee so much it was leaping off,

No plugin jumped out at me,

I felt plugins need to show themselves,

I turned around wasn’t going to spend hours up there,hugged the low table when to my butt slid to the landing stood and walked standing backward all the way back down, standing,

I took down the heater doing naught,

I said I’d be back then I’d do it,

The car dealer Birdnow was letting those of the employees who braved the horrible weather and showed to work go home so I did too,

Penny tried to call yesterday I went to the kitchen and nearly stood on it there I get a bar to call Oelwein,Iowa,Penni’s was all in tears again she had worried about the cold killing her animals while they freeze in her home,

Penny sent me money I bought gas then went to Walmart,Walmart is not a christian conglomerate Walmart like every true and rectable multimillion dollar business runs on product and clientele that’s why before Halloween christmas is in the stores I would love to work salary but my veins and the pain of it would kill me?

Nice touch Walmart closing for the workers closing on Christmas day,

Do Christmas eve day I was there got what I needed went to Penny’s four degrees fourteen degrees warmer then on the twenty third,

I was back last night to watch and every four hours turn back on the electric blankets that keep her furfamily alive,

I wrote all last night and fought with the WordPress app all night long,

All night long!

Was warmer,

Fourteen below in Catholic Hospitals garage where Penny sleeps until its light enough to drive home,

Her heater in car went out on drive home,when she got home she sat in the car with heater until about twelve thirty not interested in any kind of game,

Penny knew at ten I wanted to see the game, Penny runs on Penny time a neighbor and friend told me every now and again about the fantastic Green Bay Packers game I had sat on a low ass couch in blankets and missed the game,

The gaps are due to the WordPress app that acts out all the time not due to design.

Never did get upstairs we had breakfast at 117pm at Kwik Star,Penny said oh did I tell you all you have to do is switch the switch to turn on the outlet in the bathroom upstairs,

What a sick Ass joke if the builbuilders!

What a sick ass idiot thought that up,thanks Penny for recalling!

It was Blizzarding when Penny made it to work tonight in Waterloo at the Catholic Hospital,


Its twelve above now warmest this week.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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