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Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history,

Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery,

Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier,

Electric driers cause two percent of laundry room fires in the US,

No fire at eight,

Ten o three pm Stalkers was just getting over,

Stalkers was a new TV show that night!

Instinct Replay ‘October 2014,Diana Lee’s annual visit of Horror!’

Earlier that day mom was taking a nap and awoke to Diana Lee digging through boxes and things on mom’s room,

I was in the den three rooms over,

See mom always had two big boxes in her room for gifts and her money and valuables,

My younger sister Ellen Beth and I never ever would never go through someone else’s property you have to truly evil warped piece of shit to dig through your moms positions!

Mom was in tears saying ‘those things are mine you have No Right digging through my belongings! Diana or as I think of her as Slut says right back to mom ‘I have to know what you have here!

Later that night she told us she was taking all dads guns to her son,Robert John Cook of Kendelworth Texas to come to his grandfathers memorial but she was determined a real live narcississist bully,a wife beater just like Diana’s father,

Dad adopted Diana at eight,

Mother divorced Diana’s father when Diana was a year and a half,mom dad Dr.L.N.Heike of myself never hit or harmed mom and yet that was a few of the foul crap Diana Lee’s spread in the four years she Gaslight mom and tried to get mother removed from her home onto Diana’s hands,

That night in October should have been the last Diana breathed,

That slut stuck her fist in our Eighty-six year old mom’s face and yelled at my best friend my mom ‘You Don’t have the right to Lock your doors You have Nothing of value!’

I locked dad’s gun cabinet which sat in the hall adjacent to the laundry room by the front door! I removed two pistols for my youngest nephews Daniel Eric Mathis my Godson (funny nephew I knew the most and knew me the most rather believe a non blood aunt who struts her ass then stand up and defend his mom’s only blood sister and Godmother.) And Craig Ryan Mathis both live a hundred and nine miles away not seen either since Diana’s murder of their mother.

After the evil slut left mother fell by the bathroom,

Diana didn’t get the gun cabinet open,

She stood mom’s note book,

Mother was scared to death of Diana Diana had threatened mom on one of Diana’s ten calls to mom a day, that if I returned to Luther College in September Diana would drive to Iowa it only took her eight hours from Granbury,Texas and either force mother into a nursing home or take her against her will to Granbury,Texas.

Mother feared Diana since June of 2014, that’s why we started ordering our meat from Omaha Steaks it was all on my mom’s notebook,

Diana also said I had bout porn on the notebook, my computer is my PS3 by Sony , had no porn I’m a lesbian then the Narcissist told mom I had removed the IP address and killed it,

The night after December 2nd,2014,the bought I had Father Jo from Saint Pars visit,Father suggested adding me to the power of attorney mom agreed next night I died twice from Smoke burnt lungs I was air lifted to Iowa City Burn Unit, there’s tons of evidence on file if anyone had looked no one did!

That’s the night truth died on breaths no one looked or cared only one smoke alarm went off, all dad’s guns I had moved to the front room No one asked why I moved all dad’s loaded guns to the living room,

If they had half a brain the police and fire insurance investigation had asked I would have gladly told them who the monster off the Heike family our mom booker of the family literately feared only one human if that’s what she is Only one person Diana Lee Dudley.

Diana knew the first of her ten phone calls on the third of December about the Priest, all anyone had to do was look at my phone bill I paid it or Diana’s phone all the calls she made per day harassing our Elderly mom to move to Granbury Texas,It really upset Diana mom was spending mom’ money traumatised our family bully the narcississist!

When left intensive care four days later Diana had spent her time flitting around like the toxic creep Diana is,

Diana drove up to Waukon,Iowa to 405 2nd Avenue North East walked right on in mom’s cat Rusty was always the first cat put of the house Diana broke Rusty’s neck,Diana wanted mom in Texas Diana hates cat’s,

When Diana moved to Texas the ketch her third husband my eldest nephew was sixteen and his sister fourteen,they had been in the cat for hours with not kitty bathroom break first thing in Diana’s new apartment Julie’s kitty pees,Diana scoops her daughters cat up and flings it out into the Dallas street to die , mom loved her cat,

Mom was ninety two she had prayed for years to escape Diana she wanted to be cremated and her ashes placed with her mom and dad in in Spencer Iowa,Diana still keeps mom who died in 2

Mom loved her house living near her daughters her friends and sister and Iowa mom was doomed after the Fire and Iowa Human Services did nothing but accuse the wrong person of crimes against mom,the monster of our family my slander was and us Diana Lee Slut Dudley of Granbury,Texas. Diana placed two over the counter Codine packs on our mom Marian D. Heike’s back a week on our Diabetic mom ,

That Christmas with my four cats {Emily,Schnuggler,Thomas third and Chester}>all alone we sat no where to go all alone while my family choice to believe the worse about me because that’s what humanity does they don’t get that we in the LGBTQ community take care of our mom’s, its easier then leaving home, but to be stoned in the month of Christmas by family because its so damn easy!

Let’s look at them Diana give times married { First husband John Cook the lies she told about the father of her children that he was a theft, I never never like him but that was before I knew Diana rises lies moves on, on, Diana’s second dearly beloved was John’s wealthy boss Dean Dudley eighteen years her senior wealthy, Dean will always stand above the crowd because he tried to shoot her,number three was Jean Flurry a Frenchman marriage lasted four months number four It was so soon over I never met him,Number five dated Diana in highschool before mom stopped sweet innocent Diana dating an older student, he drank from all her warm fuzzy nether place and licked up her lies but thought more of his children then the skank he married it was gone and over in a year see they got out of Jail free card all five divorced the vile lying bitch .Then Diana went after mom in 2010. .

Daniel Eric Mathis was caught muling for his friends {carrying pot but its OK he did it I did not harm in any wat shape of firm my mom,No graduation with his friends,Craig had a pocket knife at school innocent again didn’t stop my little loves from ripping out my heart.

Lastly my baby sister Ellen Beth Heike Mathis , Diana thought was the only sister with spine and fortitude not being able to stop Diana after Ellen saw the real Diana after she torched our home and lied to every ear waiting for soap opera dirt, Ellen lacked the courage to come forward after suffering abuse by Ellen’s alcoholic husband. The first splinter in Diana’s take over came June 3rd,2018, I foolishly said in a blog I getting Ellen back I had not seen her since our hug in October 2015 at Mela’s birthday, Ellen loved to read. I took her a box of books there was a huge motor home from Texas Diana had said never going to bring mom back to Iowa,Diana had replaced mom’s cat Rusty with a different cat after mom removed me from my grandfathers property made it Diana’s and Ellen’s mother was under duress . Then as a token mom got a cat,Ellen watch Diana call the Sheriff Department and tried to get me arrested from Allamakee County Sheriff department for bringing Ellen a box of books,not of my nephew came out to assist me drag the box to Ellen’s garage, two deputies arrived on what ever lie was told a paper record on someone who never hurt anyone Ever,Diana’s had brought her last husband to Iowa and with used crappy phones for mom. She told Dan Aher of Texas I beat mom so the bastard threatened me with calling the law if I struck him Lousier! He soon saw the error of his ways.

Christians! I waited years for my baby sister to knock on my door and say I sorry Val I love you, Ellen dues and once again the god damn law knows on my door.

The bitch in Texas sent the Sheriff department to tell me mom was dead neither my nephews or my baby sister were allldowed to come, Ellen found sollice from Diana in a beer can. In October of 2020 the monster returned to clean out mom’s bank account it really pissed Diana off that mom had three life insurance policies and an annuity. Mom ,Marian D. Bittenger Heike (Michael Rohr mom never removed me from her will because I never beat or stopped her from eating mom was never an invalid that was all Diana Lee not your blood cousin me Valerie K Heike )

Ellen died that weekend the monster descended upon Waukon,Diana found our baby sister dead at 59 and took off. Fucking coward like all bullies?

Until I met a new younger sister those that hurt me left a foul taste in my mouth of December and christians and my family I hope they all suffer,


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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