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Sleepie Head

Wow I was warn out,

Saw a marvelous,

True, sensational,

Movie at my little sister’s last night,

It was gay,


From the eighties Kinky ,

That’s right I saw ‘Kinky Boots,’

From Jolly ole England,

America would would have never backed a young man simply trying to save his family business,

Or the story would have been hidden,

In the basement lie all the truths of American history,

Allowing all the lies still taught to American youth,

Nicely done England,

Great singer male lead,

Can’t wait to own the movie,


Nothing like a slumber party with a baby sister unfortunate my hero is force to live in a home without heat,

Her daughter twenty-six in Waterloo refuses to come and assist her only disabled mom,

I crawled literately upstairs this morning from one deep freeze to another,

No heat,

Frozen pipes,

Mess left by a brat or a person who hated her landlady!


Windows Banging,

View of rooftops instead peaceful view looked harsh as it felt,

Wind revibrating with the essence of Februaries deep freeze not even old Saint Nick and his eight tiny reindeer will make me think fondly of this memory or from the having to at sixty-five figure how to get to my ass to slide down the hideously cold stairwell void of railing,

Trust me falling is NEVER enjoyable night before I simply lost. Balance and fell near the bath tub,

Righted myself after in the small old bathroom I got to my non destroyed left knee a ninety-three year old August of two o eight after moving it over with his car in my home town of Waukon,Iowa where striking and not killing a gay woman who cared for her parents and returned to college at fifty gets you the old creep not even a traffic ticket?

I crawled to the washing machine and with the dent in the floor got my left knee in front then hauled my ass up!

I’m five eleven now I was six foot at nine,

I made like a horseshoe grabbed a small table and slammed down a knee cap then slide down the God Damn steps without carpet ,

A calico cat had zoomed into the deep freeze before me remained in the deep freezer as I emerged from the upper quadrants of the old Victorian which stood icily in the frozen tundra of northern Iowa on December twenty-third twenty twenty-two,

Told Penny about the frozen water and the no electricity and of course the fuse box for some assinine reason is in the hole of a basement (you know down wood steps the hole placed for the furnace with dirt walls around a corner , behind a door buried with ironing board and stuff),

And once again ole Penny was in tears she didn’t want me to die in the basement of death, those were not exactly her words but they were all heart felt,

Damn WordPress continues to erase my thoughts,

Neither did I Penny thought it would be better if I simply I dimply reclimbed the steps ,took up an extension cord and plugged the electric heater into that plug in to unfreeze the bathroom pipes,

Wore shoes this time,

Not a snoop found no plug in the daughters bedroom only other room open,the extension cord if a plug in was found would have been to short,found no outlet just more mess,

The upstairs was a reminder of Polar Bear swimming at the family cabin on the family lake ‘Cub Lake’ in Sawyer County in northern Wisconsin,first jump in Memorial day weekend you froze,second time in air was colder then water,

The Tomcat had enough sense to come down stairs with me, I repeated my getting onto my butt but at the turn I stood and backed down the steps with an electric heater I found at the top of the steps,Penny said that’s the only heat that was EVER UPSTAIRS!(suppose to be in bold but I was tired if tapping the dumbass button)

Birdnow the auto place had come to get Penny’s car to change the oil and returned the car they were closing for the day due to the blizzard, I was worried about my youngest kitties and FROZEN!

My ice cream melted now due to Word app not working!

Penny was in tears once more, she wanted to send a blanket that plugs into the car with me, I wasn’t taking my bag didn’t want more to fall with,

Then the hospital called they were releasing Penny’s mom,Penny sick,eleven below zero,Penny found a nurse to bring her eighty-seven year old mom home at two pm she had not return on the morning the assisted living where just shoveling, for a whole day poor Sassy Mae never was taken out to potty,

Penny on her walker and I with my cane could not wander through the frozen tundra to get to the lovely old lady of a cocker spaniel, Penny’s mom didn’t want Sassy out of her apartment ‘Damn!’

I had to go there’s only so much ‘You mean so much to me this old dyke and take while freezing!

I’ll return on a less nasty day,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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