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Beat up and dented

What’s it mean when a straight friend says ‘You should date!’

Then sends you people you should think about!

I would never do that to a friend{male,straight,gay,female},

At nearly sixty-five my heart has been bruised,




Friendship I rock at,

I sit with my back to the wall where ever I go,

Life is a bitch in the closet,

l was brought up under the assumption people saw that you were a good person,

I was sure that it mattered I found out I was incorrect about that too,

A woman I love unquestionably a half sister a narcississist who five husbands could not ‘wait to divorce started torturing my best friend and mom and in association me,

Gaslighting with a twist of Stockholm Syndrome tossed in for good measure,

What Diana Lee Dudley did to mom and me to force mom into her control and remove moms individuality was Atypical,

Crippling mom{Marian Delores Bittenger Heike’s spirit ten phone calls per day seventy times a week.

Falsely accusing me of elder abuse and dad of literally beating mother when it was Diana Lee’s father that was the wife beater that was the reason sited in their divorce when Diana was a year and a half.

Until you were accused of beating and not feeding your not invalid mother by blood kin to get a piece land she wanted you will never understand,

It changes your after years of suffering for being the eldest Gay daughter of a father the youngest son of a WWI veteran suffered most {the alcoholic youngest of a war veteran eldest or the eldest blood daughter who stood between your father’s anguish from being alcoholic.} If any other one in Iowa’s human services knew jackshit they would never allowed a true bully to force mom from her home. And maybe State Farm would have looked at our convent laundry room drier starting a fire that in two hours nuked the laundry room,it was so hot burnt through the wall by the front door,burned moms bedroom door but not in the room. Didn’t burn the door of the bathroom went right upstairs and out the roof.

We had been told in October we had nothing of Value and didn’t deserve to have doors that DIDN’T Lock! I was there to see to mom’s safety I had moved all dad’s loaded guns. Mom was so distressed by Diana sticking her fist in mom’s face. Our eighty&six year old mom’s face and threatening her.

Mom feared my half sister, feared for her life,I moved dad’s guns which the sheriff of Allamakee County will attest to because on December third they were all found loaded rifle in the living room. I didn’t want mother or I while sleeping in the den to be murdered with one of dad’s guns while we had No door but the front locked on the porch dad had that plasticed over he slept in his chair in the front room.

The guns Diana had planned on taking to her son in Texas but I locked the cabinet. Mother fell after the bitch left stealing mothers notebook her grandson gave her Christmas two thirteen when mother was begged to go to see her oldest grandchildren for two weeks because they had refused to come to dads memorial . Mom’s two week stay became three months Diana refused to return mom to Iowa. Mom finally got her eldest grandson to. Mom ran the house always did the book keeping. Mother who just the year before Diana had embellished fifty pages of horrible lies about how I cared for mom including that mom was a bed ridden invalid left for hours without a phone or food and beaten but mother flew home with my it a bed because mother was never bed ridden,beaten or without a phone or food!

Diana knew the morning of the third of December that the night before I ad a priest friend come to talk to mom about other ways we could protect mom from Diana. Father Joe suggested adding my name to the power of attorney. Mom had placed Ellen as power of attorney when I went in two thousand to work in the Shenandoah National Park. We were unawares at the time dad had the beginnings of dementia. Mom wanted someone to have her best interest at heart if mom became (ill as in sick goggle leave my words alone) Mom had forgot about it until Thanksgiving of two fourteen that she had bestowed that on to Ellen Diana never did. Ellen my babysitter was Diana’s minion until Ellen got it took mom’s death after five years force to live in Texas with two Codine packs a week placed on mom’s back.

Our diabetic elderly mother’s back. I* I warned Diana what was possible with Codine and diabetics.

In Texas they had stopped prescribing it to elderly. So Diana bought it over the counter finally it caused a sever stroke which took our mom and her gentle spirit murdered by her eldest daughter the one Iowa human service’s thought mom should live with even after they found nothing against me. I was a full time college student disabled after struck by a retired ninety-three year old attorney August twelveth at four pm two o eight. Drove Amish six years for gas money,tended the garden put up with four years of cruelty by a half sister. Washed and cooked and studied over night from two twelve mom lived in fear of her eldest daughter.

The night after fathers visit at eight I put our oldest and the youngest in the bathroom it had base board heat the worst kind of heat. We had six fire alarms. Only the one in the stairwell worked. There was no fire or smoke at eight pm. By ten o three there wasn’t a laundry room it was like Hiroshima. A burnt out shell! like

I found the fire racing up to my belongings. This all would have had a different outcome if I had done away with Diana that October. She had already ruined my good name by slander. If I had been the monster she even spread through my home town hospital. I have the know how and a gun handy. Or if anyone had taken n the time to see or look I paid moms phone and our cable and the TV

Diana left a paper trail if years of phone abuse. Or looked at the fire. Two percent of laundry room fires are started in an electric drier! She had all the ism’s down from how to Gaslight like a Nazi to Hovering. Mom never before I died twice that December eve used the psychology syndrome “We’,mom always said Val and I or Ellen and I or dad’s name Lee and I “We’ is a control word.

I was taken dead from our house,

Flown to Iowa City Burn Unit where they open my throat and placed eight metal staples,

I was jump started twice,

Its all Documented!

Then when I got back to Waukon family were searching threw our property.

At the hospital where mom was all the nurses had been told I was an abuser fucking witch trials live a red headed male nurse told me if he knew when I was brought in dead he would have let me remain dead.

I was homeless The Texas whore always stayed with her dogs at Ellen’s so her blood sister wasn’t welcome. State Farm said they would put mom and me up for two years oin a ln apartment


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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