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Can it possibly be?

I died twice eight years and ten days ago,

Mom’s(Marian D. Bittenger Heike,born November 3th,1927,to Clarence Ward Bittenger and Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger,massive stroke from two Codine packs placed on our diabetic mom a week) been gone two and a half years ago,

Ellen(Ellen Beth Heike Mathis,born April 11th,1961,we almost lost Ellen to Whopping cough me too,she lost one baby in a tubule pregnancy) two years and two months and sixteen days ago, Age 59,

Dad(Dr. Leon Norbert Heike,youngest son to Paul John Andrew Heike and Agnes Kleeman Heike of Shawno,Wisconsin,born September 1,1927)past away with demencha September 2012 age 85.

Laurie Heike Dennis and husband Bob died of cancer before two twenty,Laurie could have been a movie star she was so lovely inside and out. She married the only son of a millionaire,they had two children. She once brought a thing that when flipped sounded just like a cow to the cabin. She had us all fooled that there was a cow at the cabin. Laurie was Norm and Wava’s fourth child.

Karen A. Heike Denito(daughter of Dr. Norman Ervin Eric Heike and Wava(don’t recall last name) Wava was uncle Winston’s age mom’s younger and only brother,Karen and her husband lived in Plano Texas,I never saw then after 1998,when I came out it was like to them I stopped being Val. Karen and her sister Renee were my favorite cousins. How do you throw away family? I became Rudolph no longer allowed at christian family things. Educated people readers sometimes know and understand nothing. Leaving family that survives them empty. Karen had two children. Karen was sick when mom finally escaped my older half sister the narcissists pig. Before Ellen died we lost Karen. Karen played the French horn they all sang all five. I wish Listed had known more about them. My loss and theirs.

Rebekah Rohr Clark(dad’s only sister Gertrude Heike Rohr taught Economics no longer seen was worthwhile to teach in schools and her husband a science teacher Charles Rohr had five children, Becky was the eldest absolutely lovely heart of gold. Becky perished about a year after Norman died of Colon cancer. Never knew Becky’s birthday,Becky fought to survive for her two girls while her husband was dating the woman he finally wed. Becky sat beside me at Uncle Norm’s funeral.

Norman Ervin Eric (First born son of Paul John Andrew and Agnes Kleeman they married in 1922,Paul served in Flanders trench warfare as a medic in the medical corps. Became a non com officer First Sargent,was president several times in civilian life as well as in Civil Defence during WWII. My grand dad was be smudged by my half sister the narcississist at eight years old as she accused him not of course to his face of being a phodifile. From what Diana did when dad took mom to meet dad’s folks we Ellen and I were never allowed to be alone with grandpa and Diana made mom look stupid as she told her new sister in laws not to allow your children to be alone with grand pa he likes to feel little girls.(Diana enjoys others discomfort.) Uncle Norm never served a day in his life. Dad when a young man shot off a gun to close to Norms ear and punctured his eardrum rendering Uncle Norm as 4F.Aunt Wava was about eight years Norm’s junior. Wava was the absolute love of Norms life. And though dad fought with Norm over it he never saw the need to be examined or treated after his diagnostics he just wanted to follow Wava. And nearly two years after Wava’s passing in 1985 Norm bid goodbye to Seymour,Wisconsin and his family. The summer after Norms death at the cabin I saw his spirit walk by the cabin kitchen window. Norms carpentry shop was in the cabins basement . Neat,Organized all Uncle Norm dad took a beer case down and cried for two days. Dad and Ellen are both up there now in the lake. Sitting in the porch watching the lake. Listening to errant family children slam the old screen door. I see Norm and Wava on his knee at the player piano at the foot of the stairs cuddling just like kids.

Wava was the twelveth daughter of thirteen children of a Lutheran paster(minister) Her youngest sister and her husband tapped maple trees. Now that was something to see. When I was eight we lived for a year near our cousins in Howard Wisconsin. If dad had not been so hard a worker we might have stayed. Dad worked laying carpet during the day and tended bar at night. Mom said that was the only time in sixty years she was proud of dad. I know that was a lie. People can be so mean. Only Once Do do I recap Wava ever talking negative about Norm. Mom always thought of Wava as a sister. It was at the cabin Mom and dad and Norm and Wava were playing Bridge. Wava accidentally played the wrong card its called renigging(it means to play a card not of the suit but you have the suit.) Mom and I and Wava went upstairs. Wava said there have been many times when Norm had,had too much to drink she had to talk to people and apologized. I found the talk informative because I always thought that family was perfect. It was this talk that showed me their family was as screwed up as my imperfect family unit.

Grampa Heike died I think 1980.I took the call from Uncle Norm. Grampa loved crossword puzzles. Ulma Hinze took care of grandma who dues when I was two and grampa. Grampa had had a bunch of trouble passing a kidney stone size of a golf ball he said Ulma went over to cook his supper and found the old gentleman still holding the pencil and the paper had a massive heart attack.

We lost my mom’s brother Winton Bittenger I believe it was early eighties. His family are holy rollers. Winton and Darlene had five children. The youngest and oldest boy are both gone Mark the oldest was closest to my age died of a massive heart attack. Gary the youngest died of an overdose. That’s so odd he always looked so innocent. They the family always had a van. They would drive up from Scottsdale, Az to Spencer Iowa. Nana lived there.

Nana(Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger,born August 7th,1895,Nana admitted to ninety-five years when she past,had one tube pregnancy and three children. Clarion (my favorite aunt next to Wava,Clarian was married to Bud(Julian Lovitt),Clarian’s birthday March 7th,1925,was in WWII,Navy they had three sons:David,Wayne and Gene Randolph dad called him Randy Andy thought he was my favorite cousin of this family until I discovered he was a turd. Mom(Marian D. Bittenger Heike my mom and best friend) and Winton

Grampa,Clarence Ward Bittenger,Second Lieutenant WWI,missed the war dye to Chicken pox, shortest of three brothers, born in Web Iowa died the winter of my nineth birthday 1967,mom hurt me deeply that day because I at nine had no concept of death. Grampa was born in 1896 married Nana a forth grave teacher in 1922.Worked in a bank and sold insurance. several times president American Legion. Loved the Cubbies great library loved to read Zane Grey. Loved Gunsmoke and Bonanza and Nana


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