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verizon lies!

Doesn’t cover all usa!!!!!!!!!

It’s as if they verizon see us as Insignificant!!!!!!

I have Issue with that!

Not even a tractor phone made its customers reset every fricken time they returned home or EVER!

The purpose of resetting is to signal the tower that we are here Connect us!

You should try to write on word with out a signal I spend most of my time tapping I want to move down a space!

I spent most of my time receiving ‘You Are Not Online,messages!’

Sometimes it takes literately hours to post on Word,

But their pretty good as long as my draft is in.

This is a four G phone,

Good with four and five towers,

That was the thripe I swallowed!

I went seven miles to call a friend presently out of the hospital because I can not do it at home!!!!!!

Soon as I can I’m moving to Bust or is it Burst,

Twenty-five dollars a month a line,

My adopted sister Penny has one and loves it,

The government is as naive as verizon I refuse to capitalize things I have no respect for,

The government sees Quasqueton as a city in Iowa,

What a hoot in Wisconsin we would be unincorporated,

River,post office,fire department,two bars one of which is a resteraunt,campground,beauty shop,gas station most pumps never work and the legion hall,city hall,

Tourist town cost four hundred in the trailer park I was quoted in twenty-twenty to install WIFI then ninety a month,

I cannot afford that any more them a smart phone that only has phone service if I’m dying!

Did I mention No GPX went you search for a location in the Iowa countryside???????????!!!!!;;;^^^^^√√√√√©®¶


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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