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Healing smells(Ch

Infection worse,

I can not stand to work,

The pain would be worse then walking on ‘Broken Glass’,

Fantastic song,

When it was a hit I was working for ION Exchange fourteen miles from my home town,

Waukon,Iowa it never felt like home,

Home felt like home because mom was there,

Ellen was alive my sister,

Mother of my youngest blood nephews in Waukon,Iowa whose lives are so important I will only see them when I’m a spirit,

How can boys mom and I lived so much not bother to care about us when we love them,

Penny misses her daughter so,

I miss Dan my Godson who couldn’t,’t be bothered first standing up for me when my half sister lied me onto Elder Abuse,

I’m glad Ellen is dead she never has to know what it is to loose her family. Well she lost her only sister. I waited five years for Ellen to come and knock on my door and say I’m sorry I did nothing when,

When Diana was busy destroying you.

Ellen never came,

In October even Craig’s daughter hit two,

Craig invited his only blood aunt to his daughters birthday party,

After the party Ellen came to me,

She asked me ‘Can I have a hug!’

I hadn’t had one since Diana Lee murdered me December third two fourteen from the fire she set in our laundry room,

That fire nearly back fired on her,

In October, two fourteen when she (Diana) removed four batteries from the smoke alarms the one she left working was in the cellar stairway,

It was that October Diana the narcissists bully stuck her fist in Marian D. Bittenger Heike’s face and steamed at mom. You have No Right Having Doors that lock,You have Nothing of value!

In August of 2014 mother who from 2010 was being Gaslight seventy times a week was told that if I returned to Luther College in September. Diana would drive to Waukon,Iowa it only took Diana Slutface eight hours from Granbury, Texas. Diana would force our eighty-six year old mom who was still driving and playing bridge and other things into a nursing home or take her against her to Granbury.

Diana already had her gay,Pagan caretaking sister on Elder Abuse with lies. Diana’s death would have been so easy. Diana’s body would never had been found. Ellen wasn’t Diana’s henchwoman Ellen compiled Ellen was a follower, Then she had her fill. Nothing Ellen said had any affect on the daughter of a wife beater. Diana’s dad beat mom. Not mine Dr.L.N.Heike Never hit mother. I never harmed mom it was all lies from Diana Lee’s sick warped mind, lies to get her hands on Cub Lake. Land my grandfather bought in the thirties for five thousand dollars.

Ellen and I hugged. Ellen said thought you were mad at me. I was. Ellen never apologized for anything just like dad first thing I’m going to ask when I get to Cub Lake in spirit ‘Why didn’t you once stand up for me!’

Do people understand how hard life is alone?

A family is suppose to suppose their family not allow white trash tear the gay Empath who was carrying for mom up,

Mom told Diana ten times a day ‘No,I don’t want to leave my home,or Iowa or my family or my cat,

Four years,(70×4) x4 = 280×4=1120, No’s,

December 2nd,I had a priest come to discuss how I can better protect mom,

Father suggested “Add Val to the power of Attorney!’

Mother had fallen to a sitting position Thanksgiving 2014,

Mother had forgotten until she was in the ER,

Diana had called the hospital to pressure the M.D. to not allow mom going home,

Mom went home!

On December 3rd,2014, 1003 p

I was dead,

Mom’s cat Rusty had a broken neck,

Diana was in the clear,

Only one that knew was Diana’s GPX on her phone and her younger half sister Ellen,

No non narcissists human can hold such evilness without it eating its way like acid through ones heart,

That last two week visit in October 2020,

Murdered my baby sister Ellen Beth Heike Math


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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