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Chapter 16,Romans, Jacqueline Night Walker by V.K.Heike Whitewolf


Charlene Harris hinted that silver affect vampires same way it affected werewolves. I hate crossover Legends. The vampires aren’t like they’re both unique a unique legend needs to be unique not shared but it’s purely my opinion. Even vampires need decent cell phones in this day and age we want to be connected so I was in Verizon in Independence Iowa talking to sales lady everyday for a week.

In order to fit in you need to blend into your surroundings friend of mine Val when she drove Amish she’d always would wear dark clothes. Wanting to blend in, there is another lady in Waukon Iowa who wares lots of low-cut shirts and let her boobies bounce around. That is not blending in.

That was shouting look at me I work for Amish and I have big boobs that bounce around. It’s funny for lay people who don’t drive Amish who aren’t Amish who see it but it’s not funny for the Amish who want to be simple.

Not dumb simple to the fact they are not modern in clothing They use what their church allows them to use. Like cell ohones.Freezers,refrigerators, no computers,can drive farm machinery.

Saying that someone is like someone else removes the mystique of the people. You can have an allergic reaction to about anything it’s the allergic reactions who’ve made niches successful. Like if I were to write the chapter Charlene Harris wrote in her Sookie Stackhouse series I would say. For example that Eric who is a vampire and Sookie’s boyfriend had a allergic reaction to silver that had been placed around his neck.

Knowing that werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet in the heart but knowing that anyone else shot in the heart with a silver bullet would also die puts a different slant on that silver bullet doesn’t it?

I read books and then I listen to the book and then I do a synops of what I read because I’m trying to become a better writer. I was just out taking care of the Kitty things .

I was going to have a grapefruit . Yes vampires like grapefruits oh that’s generalization not all vampires like grapefruit I like & love garlic. We’re not all the same we didn’t all die the same place , we didn’t all have the same experiences, we are just like you we’re just like every other gay person in the world cuz we are gay.

That’s not to say all vampires are gay that would be saying something else we are not generalizing. We are systematic from my family we descended from ancestors who came to the world Earth from far away. And yes I know that’s a long ass sentence but I had a lot of breath.

Our hearts might not beat but doesn’t mean we’re not alive doesn’t mean we can’t articulate. I’m not saying all vampires can articulate and all vampires never developed the thinking process. Everything we do is a process a system.

Everything is a lesson a lesson. We learn by example repetition teaches change. Systematically we learned over a period of time that when you’re sloppy and a kill you’re creating a situation. The first vampire was maybe the first but his sloppiness created more vampires. Never be flippant!

When you are flippant you are sloppy because you will lackadaisical things happen. Xander Rex the first vampire was sloppy came to my attention when I was living in North Africa around about 029 BCE. I accidentally came upon another vampire stalking prey.

I was like what the hell I might have used different term vernacular was not my forte I was just a kid. Cats are ancient cats are from ancient Egypt. I’m sure there are other places but they were honored and venerated, revered they not hunted into Extinction like the English did during a plague.

You know that it was assumed that the black plague came in on a rat from Alexander Africa. The proficient of the farmers during the early 1300s came in on a rat on a Portuguese ship. That might just be an assumption because it wasn’t researched at the time.

That is just what it’s taught in colleges about where the Black death came from the Plague. Do you know that all historical events are capitalized and that any year after 20 is supposed to be spelled unless it’s a year regarding a historical event. That’s true! So the vampire I saw I took down I’m took him back to my pyramid.

Had to force the truth from him. I was twelve I knew nothing of being a bully or enforcer but the Egyptians were not above beating an answer from someone. I’ve been a vampire for about 15 Earth years and I’ve seen many atrocities. So what I did was just not feed the vampire. This is a vicious individual nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty!

I found that this fellow was tired by Xander as we’re about 1500 others that had gone to different parts of Africa. So they had to be exterminated! You can’t run any kind of organization if out in the world there are others there to corrupt it. Laws are made to protect you and your families and unity must be maintained, I learned that from my father Gideon Stratti.

My father was a master at unity oneness not together no more priority. My father when he was done had had a 47 children four girls and 43 boys mother was earthling would love father and father was a changeling assassin horse that the Lord Commander of the legion and the Roman army road.

Father rarely had to punish anyone but when he did people knew they had been punished and corrected the attitude or the response so it never occured happened again. So I simply did not feed this vampire and then after he gave me the information I took his head. Taking a person’s head is not the total solution.

Xander Rex was wrong about that. The Head and the body need to be apart and it needs to be a clean cut with a very very sharp sword. I simply took it out a mile and let it float to sink. I actually the last time I saw the head some whale had swam off with it the body I just laid out in the sun , sun will burn and if body is there long enough the body would ignite.

I was given a map of about the exact placements of each one of those vampires. They were some in Rome , Egypt, Macedonia, Greece Slovakia they’re all through Europe as well as Africa Legends start. War was begun us against the vampires created by xandorax I took almost a thousand years to remove them all and their children. It was just and dramatically done.

The exploits of what had to happen and did is for another time another chapter another one another person’s imagination a lesson to be learned. The task was started. Systematically it would be affected over a period of a thousand years.

One vampire living alone dining out every night. Not caring who is infected or their lifestyle or what they learn from dying and just going back into your pyramid only a bastard does that!

Charlene Harris had set the thought that as a medium her carrier characters Sookie Stackhouse could not read vampire’s mind I have a theory about that.

I believe since the death is so traumatic to the body when the vampire turns an individual to vampireism the white sack is developed around the brain they have to have Superior mental abilities she felt in time. This protection is implemented as if the vampirism is a virus and the way is the vampire protection self from prying minds of a medium.

Only one thing can get through the brain of a vampire at taps into the Heart that others believe has vanished with a vampire’s death the heart exists love is the key.–Jacquline-Night-Walker-Val-by-V-K-Heike-Whitewolf-a8n9v1t

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