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Chapter 1, Harmed more

My narcissistic half sister harmed me more and getting hit by a car. She cut my heart out she stole my family and she ruined my good name. A****** say let It go forget about it it was a long ago. It took her from 2:10 to 2:14 December 3rd to force our mother from her home.

I swore when I was 9 years old she would never go to a home and I would take care of her. It was a fourth year college student and had taken me seven and a half years to get there I’ve been at Junior College three and a half years before I transferred into Luther. Luther College Decorah Iowa.

I was asking major I wanted to teach college level history one day specializing in military history then when gays and lesbians were eventually seen for our contribution in history Americans history I wanted to teach that. Never got the chance.

I started college January Two oh eight. Started school at Northeast Iowa community College team classes online at the wellness center across from the new High School in Waukon Iowa. There was a kid a bully his name is Zack. Every time I got up in class to go to the bathroom I would come back and he would be rooting through my pencil box or holding all my pens in his hands.

Where’s Zack would follow me to the bathroom and yeah that’s the wrong room that is harassment I drove that b******* I had no intention of taking it from a child I was 50, Zack was a mentally disturbed young man going to school so you could work in social work.

I contacted the school I wanted something done to stop him from this disturbing behavior. He sent an old friend of mine they called her that Dean of women my old friend didn’t have a degree she worked at the college they sent her to me because he knew I was gay and her sister was gay.

Rhonda told me she knew everything there was about being gay she told me there was it wasn’t a big thing her sister Ruth was gay. She said I had to get past this that I had to let it go I didn’t let it go. One of my classmates and culture University knew the dean she called the dean for me one day.

I told her the situation I said the school has sent someone they said was a dean of women and she says we don’t have any dean of women we don’t have any psychologist on staff I’m pretty sure that that was a lie she asked me what I wanted done. I said I wanted that Zack to stop.

It stopped. Found that amazing. After my second semester and cultural diversity of my final I got on my bike to ride home. I would cross 76 the highway and take 8th avenue to the fairgrounds go down or through the fairgrounds and wangle over to my folk’s house. I lost my home in November of 205 is in Virginia lesbians were not protected under the law for Equal Housing.

I’ve been with my folks on almost all my life I helped where I could got teased by family cuz I didn’t date men. Those of us are gay have no role models do the best we can do to survive. Many of us do a thing that I didn’t know was a thing we tried to get rid of ourselves and we either succeed or fail.

Never come out to your half sister. It was August 11th 4:00 p.m. I was on my rifle I was riding into the sun. Little white car had come up behind me it was quite a way it’s back and I I knew where it was cuz I’ve been biking since I was five for 45 years.

I was even with 5th Street and 8th avenue I thought I’d just walk my bike across the street I had gotten my 10-speed my first semester after my first semester. First time my life I taken Three B’s I hated school when I was a kid the teachers were horrible I had maybe five teacher that were decent Mrs Fiet, she was my fifth grade teacher. Mrs.Becenhaurer taught German Class in high school.Mr.Stampfee taught Algebra,Mr.Angel taught golf and driving and Mr.Bruce taught Play production.

Never saw a B on High School.Mickey Maynard and her best friend I met in Virginia from North Carolina sent me thirty dollars a small fortune.I bought a used ten speed. I had my backpack I bought in Harrisonburg on my back.

Time stops literately when a car turns a corner and is aiming at you. I so wanted to see mom NCIS was starting and mom had made Diana Lee’s home made Taco Soup. I see it over and over instant replay The car swept me onto the hood. I instantly covered my eyes with the bend of my left elbow.

Crushing glass my elbow went dead center into the windshield. I blew out all his air bags. My eleven elderly ladies{nine Irish and two Norweign} the absolutely best guardian angels you ever seen kept my eyes safe. I think my dad’s mom was the leader of um. See if I had gotten cut I would nit be here to write this . I need no stitches on that elbow. My head didn’t enter the window.

When Lynn Morrow the retired attorney finally stopped his car after driving over my bike I hit the concrete with such force it smashed my right wrist to bits. Got glass aand rocks in my hairline. Was picked up and tied to a board. They cut off my backpack. A Dr.Schwartz set my wrist.The car moved my left knee over. No catscan or MIR was done i wasn’t kept over night.

That night With a cast on I was in making supper like normal with my mom. It took seven years to get an MIR.I was unable to get my BA due to a math disability. I have a TBI.


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