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Saw a movie

Saw w movie at a theater, Saw it in Waterloo, A thriller, Like a step back in time, Like Stefford wives, In chairs that reclyned, Had to ask someone how to get out of the chairs, Movie ended oddly, It was like they lead their lives in virtual reality, Look eas actor better as JamesContinue reading “Saw a movie”



Never, Angels never had wings, Renaissance painters painted first angel wings, Did you know? Angel are small good deals, Done with pure love, No deity need be involved, Hurts no one to do a good deed, Or to be a good neighbor until you say no, You are the same good natured person, Sometimes youContinue reading “Angels”

First fifteen chapters my book in audible”Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Heike Whitewolf’

Podcast form–Heike-a7k8fk9–By-Val-K-Whitewolf-a7ulc07–Whitewolf-a8272pr–Flight–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-Whitewolf-a831bmb–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-H-Whitewolf-a8blkk7–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K–H–Whitewolf-a8bqjlv–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-Heike-Whitewolf-a8glife

Asleep with pussycats

Four slept on me, Black in his kennel, Emily and Teddy on the counter, Cold night I worry for all who survive without, Without food, Without a home, Without love, Penny thinks I should apply for video security at Mount Mercy in Waterloo,Iowa, I want to only work animal rescue for a no kill animalContinue reading “Asleep with pussycats”

Red and oranges

Yellows and golds, Brown, Dry, In two thirteen August the ground, Dead and brown, Crisp, Fall struck the imaginary gonk, Not this year, Not twenty twenty-two, The yards are still lush and green, A storm in Florida nearing land, I dream of awakening in my small home surrounded by tall pines, Tamaracks the only pineContinue reading “Red and oranges”

Forty-seven degrees now,

In two in thousand and two, Katrina was felt weather wise in Virginia, Wonder how home is, Oh Shenandoah my Virginia home, Page County, I was driving for Dominoes, Our weather was foul, Off kilter, So much rain, Roads were changed, I was driving a delivery out by Shenandoah a little town up toward theContinue reading “Forty-seven degrees now,”

Time to take cover

Will creep into thirties tonight, Still not October, Got to see what cardboard I can find, Mobile homes without insulation, Are like the dumbest pugs house made of straw, Air cold passes right on in, Cardboard helps, Helps stop it entering, Huge front window, If not covered air comes in, Shoots right down hall, LikeContinue reading “Time to take cover”

Same titles

Different casts, Have people never viewed reruns, Every couple years it seems, New NCIS is on the scene, Now the one with the fellow who was in Enterprise and Quantum Leap seems gone, NCIS in Hawaii is on the horizon, Saw an old NCIS on ION tonight, Good guy Honeycut from MASH played crooked oldContinue reading “Same titles”

Biggest commercial message

During Packers and Buccaneers game, ‘Do what you love!’ Old message, Not always possible, Or profitable, Best commercial, Children making a lego bridge, A knight needed to get to the other side, Working together they managed to get the knight across, In a sense the message is clear, It was about the night passage, OrContinue reading “Biggest commercial message”

Men’s room

Mount Rushmore or Walmart Same, Nothing for comfort, How do I know use to clean in nineteen ninety-five was in the men’s room every two years cleaning, Our GM Bruce Van ? Believed food in a concession should be good but it bathrooms are dirty tourist will spend hours talking about the bathrooms, Forgetting deals,Continue reading “Men’s room”