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Back in the saddle

God save the King!

Chat before furneral continues,

State furnral of the QE2,

Though being a lesbian butch,

A hot female commentor with Welch brogue,

Makes me more intent to give ear,




The people give honor,

No one makes humanity give honor!

No one makes me,

Wish I had been awake earlier my trash would be out,

Firing a gun every second the two bells ring,

How cool us that,

Unpacking the truth what a great way to phrase the truth,

Peggy the Queens pony,


Dogs,horses briefly I hear the song from the Wizard of oz ‘Lions,Tigers and Bears Oh my!’

Still riding horses into the nineties,


The horse Breeder Queen with sweet potatoes in my mouth I’m so proud to have know the Queen from a distance,

I especially love the sweet one applaud in honor to the Queen from her people,

A flutter of nerves very visual,

Woman bishop told to kiss bible,

Bishop refused because she has lipstick on,

Queen’s continuity rooted with her faith,

The Queen was a follower of the shepard,

Christmas message bolder in her fate,

Age makes us stronger or shyer,

The Queen was blessed she died at home,

In America the goverment acts like its citizens belong to the US and are stripped of their homes,

Eleven days of morning,

Legacy of Queen Elizabeth,

The Bishop hopes we move toward eachother,

Middle if the long walk to Windsor Castle,

Guard of Honor,

Cambridge gate,

Great park throngs of people,

First Battalion Grandeur Guards,

Souvenirs Excort,

In one marsh last week we viewed the riderless horse,

It was in honor of her love and horsemanship,

I always saw that as an American custom,

Silly me,

So much of America’s custom comes from history,

Massive estate Windsor,

Sabastibul bell five seconds after the gun firing,

No crowds here,

The bell that rings was captured in the Kremlin War,

Interesting like a parade in America horses at the rear,

Saint George’s Chaple,

Chapple Royal,

Horseshoe created by the Victorians,

Mile or more the last long mile for the Queen,

The bagpipes & drums are added to the cavalcade if sounds,

Irish and Scottish,

Guns and bells,

Horns now,

Just imagine all behind the scenes,

Wow you betch that would be a bunch,

House workers for Queen Elizabeth are marshing as well,

George the fourth gate,

The King will join the march there,

Gurkies special place at court,

Cell phones towering at arms reach above the crows so all can recall this historic moment in time,

Looks like palace guard walking on either side,

Beethoven three furneral marches played here today,

Senior Regiment Mounted Calvery are on hand at Stare Furnerals,

Behind the hearse the house Standard(flag),

Queen came here every weekend,

Queen came every summer for weeks,

And Easter and during the Pandemic with Prince Phillip,

The queens horse Emma has been brought out for a last farewell,

Garsh that’s fantastic!

First Battalion the Queen’s Company,

Closes to the house,

Royal King’s Troup fires the cannon,

Sandy and Mic the Queens Corgis were brought out,

In America sometimes wealthy men have the hearse drive past places they loved this is better,

The Queens Company will keep that destination,

Archway of Norman Tower,

The lower ward,

Chaple is there down the hill,


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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