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Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods,

In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers,

Uncle Norm made the best sling shots,

Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated,

The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law,

John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad,

How the meadow changed from huge with trees to vacant of trees,

More because less brushes and tree foliage fewer mosquitoes,

Smudges were fun and six around the cabin in old holy cans kept then the bugs at bay,

All our clothes and blankets all reeked with smoke,

Only if us kids did a good job,

We never had blood suckers until some cane into Cub lake off sained fish from Bear Lake,

The walk back to the out house,

The two holer,

Every square goot of the cabin,

Mom and dad’s beds upstairs,

The smell if mom’s bed,

Dad’s favorite red neck hat,

Norm and Wava’s bed hard as a rock top of the stairs,

Window on the landing,

Windows upstates on either end of upstairs,

Window by player piano,

Big kitchen window that look out on porch,

The seven windows that looked out on to screen porch and Cub Lake,

The window by the porch door by Cubbies bed,

Mom or Ellen slept there after dad was in the home,

When mom slept on the porch I always slept near.

The wood stove,furnace round by woodbox and the fire place,

The door to cellar,

The smell of breakfast on a wood stove,

How to start it right and the smoke from starting it wrong,

The bear skin rug with the family I love do dearly,

With time it surprised me how fast love and blood vanish,

We are left with moments,

Memories etched into our hearts,

Adopted family who look at me but who really will never see,

The poet that loved driving down Wisconsin back roads,

My baby sister stopping fir fell birch trees,

Ellen Beth Heike liked taken birch bark home to burn and baby trees,

Not to burn the trees to plant them,

Ellen and Dad ashes sleep in the lake,

I’m sure Ellen has Uncle Norms Engineer cap on,

I will forever recall Ellen’s nineth birthday summer,

On the player piano she played nothing but :

Jingle Bells,

Black Bird and Button up your overcoat,

One other ‘How ya gonna keep up down on the farm’,

All from the nineteen twenties,

Diana’s third marriage to the French man,

Ellen served to much,

That was a short marriage,

Not as short as number five,

Night time’s perfect on the lake,

I want a place on Butternut Lake,

Near enough to cub Lake that when i go I can be slipped in the lake of my youth,

Where I mastered two things,

Swimming and giving head,

I have loved two places with all my heart,

Cub lake Wisconsin and Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park,

Both hold my heart,

My cats do and a dog or two,

But its hard conversing with them,

Learned one thing from spending Saturdays with Penny,

Togetherness is priceless,

Well have to go check on my oldest cat,

Find some food,

Memories are kept,

Precious they are,

Irreplaceable people too,

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