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Sure hope

Long ass,

Long ass summer twenty-two,

Long ass summer is through,

God aweful heat,

Global Warming started officially in March last,

Marched through like the Atrutians,

Before Romans,

Big and brutal,

It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by,

March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s are surprised someone placed Easter between March and May,

Funny that the Pagan holidays stollen by the Christians to use for their purpose,

February last year in twenty-twenty one was exceptional two weeks in seventies toward end of month,

First week of March in the seventies,

My baby from Georgia was short sleeved,

So I guess no biggie my kitty family and I sat huddled in our little TV room some ass imagined big enough for a bedroom,

Only if a Norweign troll,

Some idiot on Channel seven says must have a whistle and a horn,

I waited fearful because I bet you didn’t know two things that doesn’t exist for those of us who own mobile homes,

One when smart asses who work for TV channels assume the guy who runs the park isn’t required to have a safe place for us to go ,

Tornados come,

People die,

We’d rather die in our own homes with our firfamilies then in our cars

Pete told me the old park manager theres an old root cellar maybe two might get into,

The goverment will not assist home owners with getting Solar

Global warmings a bitch,

Since last December Buchanan County in northern Iowa experienced three tornados,

May of twenty-two we had our first day over ninety-seven,

In May Ever!

When I was a kid we were in the eighties in end of August,

This year September early felt like October at five fifty-six am its fifty-five degrees thats twenty-thee above freezing,

I shut my windows two weeks early,

I haven’t a furnace,

It would be a miracle Glaciers didn’t melt,

Putting more wells for pumping more carbon based fuel out of mother earth rapping her more is not beneficial to ANYONE!

Wake Up world!

At least one US stated has banned oil based transmissions by twenty-twenty-five,

Some states have Balls,

They banned plastic bags,

Walmart in Iowa did in Twenty-twenty-one but by twenty-twenty-two forgot about it!

You me we live her till we die,

Stand the Fuck up!

If America is for and by the People big business works for us!

They are not in control!

The Vote is ours,

Were boss,

i often think people are unaware,

This is a democracy!

One of dad’s’Dr.L.N Heike’s favorite expressions was ‘Either lead,Follow or get the hell out if the way!’

The view us two zillion times better in front!

Also said by Micheal Jackson though not his words ‘Change starts with the person in the mirror!

Our home is dying!

Let”s help her![Generic_Phrase_Specific]-[610592711478]-S-[effects%20of%20climate%20change]&utm_source=google&utm_purpose=marketo&utm_campaign=usa_go_sem_nb_mu_global-all-innovation-thoughtleadership&utm_term=effects%20of%20climate%20change


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