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Where is compassion?

The Christian church supposedly based on Christ,

Let’s look at what Got people into those churches,

The gospels got people into the churches,

Written by four men who knew how to use propaganda,

The first at first churches or big rooms without chairs no candles no stained glass naked,

My favorite Church in Decorah is the Good Shepherd,

Why why not because of its title,

Or how it’s adorn,

Was that there are no stained glasses in the entire building,

I went there for one reason and only one,

The people who went there,

When I was 26 I joined the Catholic Church,

I’m gay and I love ceremony,

And all the elderly ladies who I work for went to church there and at least them that I joined,

A lady who worked in the office of the church till my mom at bridge she was so happy that Val was doing the Catholic Church,

I started my own camcorder business and I needed extra money coming in so I can succeed so I went to the parish council,

I took a job I lasted 3 days I was allergic to the oil,

They had a niece in the hole I hadn’t quit St Pat’s,

One day father Ed came to me with paper he said sign this I didn’t read it I trust him he was my church leader I made a mistake should never have trusted that white-haired devil,

School hasn’t started yet and I was at the school I took care of the bigger building on campus and I was cleaning the rooms and getting ready the last minute touches and a none said what are you doing here Val?

Earlier that day and none had asked me why I was mowing I gave you the same answer I work here,

I was then told no I quit,

I said I would know if I quit!

Father has a piece of paper says you quit,

That’s loyal to you to the Catholic Church,

I work there year round no benefits $5 an hour winter spring and summer 20 hours a week during the school year 40 hours a week during the summer,

I had nothing is living with my folks trying to help out where I could,

You will never understand the hopelessness of being gay and a rural town evidently the priest discovered or thought that I was gay I never made any sign about it I not met my first day till I was 36 you was 1992 I didn’t come out till 98,

I have a dear friend who worked for 15 years in the ER she had done emergency work before that and when she was in Colorado where she grew up she had worked as parole officer,

My friend is full of honor and respect and she’s Pagan like me,

Had Covid Twice,

About a month and a half ago she asked if she could walk with a walker during her work she worked overnight for 5 years she had worked overnight with a cane she recently had a hip surgery and she didn’t want to f*** that up,

So madam X will call her asked walk with Walker she never been written up for anything and she was placed on temporary disability at 75% her salary she had always worked overtime every week for 15 years,

Last Friday she received her last check,

She had to take a 4-Hour test to keep her job according to Catholic Hospital in Waterloo the paperwork has gone lost,

She said she can’t look for work and she can’t apply for unemployment because until they actually say you’re fired she is employed,

Catholic hospitals has their nose up their ass any wears rings that are her own choosing for who she is this is purely against the law ,

Every document anyone signs before they start work says about discrimination a company cannot discriminate you against you for your race Creed which means religion sexual orientation disability and that’s what she has been placed without work without pay,

We’re not temporary disability she was getting $800 a month $400 each week ,

Last year she hated her home with electric heaters she pays so much a month on that bill she has no furnace,

Surely I’m not the only one who’s outraged!

Catholic church is the entity who went out of their way like the golden horde who sucked up everything like a bunch of tumbleweeds in their path converted everyone to their way of thinking or death even children of our native Americans,

There was no compassion in that!

There is no compassion in what they’re doing to Madame X,

They sent her an invitation to their gratitude meal which they have Every year to thank people for their dedication to their job and for volunteers,

They get sent to catalog and they get pick out one little gift and then take someone with them to the meal,

Makes me wonder if they wake their butt with their hand or their foot cuz evidently neither one knows what the hell they’re doing,

I told madam asked to go find a lawyer bunch of chicken s**** in Iowa no one wanted to jump to to stand by her so she could fight the son of b******!

It’s like America is having a moratorium on global warming which exists and nice and shinning Armor which do not exist any longer!


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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