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Steaming windows

Its only August seventeenth twenty-twenty-two,

To early for steamed windows,

The steam still is there,

I am proud of twice in my forties being responsible for steamy windows,

See unlike young LGBTQ there were no mentors for girls from small Iowa rural towns,

I spent a couple.years hoping while carving my pocket knife would slip and end my existence,

I was much older when I found out that that was called cutting and I wasn’t the only one did it,

Because I knew no one who was female who liked other girls,

One if the many reasons I love people like Jean Huffey,and Pat Zidlicky,Penny Martin and Cher they accepted their children even if they were gay!

So many parents didn’t!

In my family that one thing magically allowed my older sister to lie me onto elder abuse,

I never harmed anyone!

That little fact was of little use to me in 214 I think everybody who’s been accused of being a wicked sinister diabolical abuser of elderly has the right to disembowel anyone who tells Human Services and your beloved family you are!

Gay siblings are not tools,

I always adored that statement walk a mile in someone else’s shoes,

Not even your family can do that !

I was crushing bad at 18,

Their were No dances that I could go to and Waukon,Iowa ,

No proms for the gay kids,

There were breakout episodes of different shows that I loved,

Touch by an angel had an episode there was a young man who gone home to die because he actually was his father’s masterpiece and his father thought his masterpiece was a violin he made on the day his son was born,

So the young man’s mother and sister kept it from dear old dad that his precious son had given up conducting in the Phil of Monica orchestra because he no longer wanted or could play the violin,

The son knew what his father thought of skilled musicians and of the violin ,

The son knew the violin maker would never understand his son being gay,

The son thought that he had disappointed his father enough by stopping playing at the violin ,

The son wanted to be the memory to his father and here he had returned to die of AIDS,

All these years later I remember that episode Of Touch by the angel,

His violin that he had worked for 30 years had developed a blemish and he prayed and prayed and prayed that God would remove the blemish from the violin he created the day his son was born,

Angel simply said you know the work of art you created isn’t this stupid ass violin she didn’t say stupid ass but I’m empath and I’m crying right now as I do whenever I read a story that touches me or write something that touches me just like my grandma and my mom and empaths are not your average person and yet the horrors that happened to my mom that were from my elder half sister are unconscionable,

The son had just a few hours left and his father went to him his wife and daughter had explained to him that his son was home and that he had a few hours left not to go in there and scold him for no longer playing the violin and he went in to see his son and they he laud upon his bed ,

Father saw the son that he had loved a shadow of a man stretched out on his bed,

I wish more people would have seen that episode ,

The entire show was nothing compared to that one episode ,

The beauty of it it had his own sentient ability to touch hearts,

Designing Women did an episode a young man had come to them and wanted them to design his funeral he too was dying of AIDS,

The episode was double pack cuz Mary Jo was trying to get condoms into the school system and she gave a speech at the funeral,

She said no Young mother should lose their son and no son should have to lose his life because nobody would allow condoms in a school she went onto say: I don’t want to be the mother who is sitting out here hearing the words because my son has died of AIDS !’ it was wonderful, it was touching , Diana English the writer of Design Women should have won an Award for this episode,

Some TV shows today still believe that if the show is dying bring in the Gays,

After all what could it hurt!

Even the Closer did an episode, girl who cut yourself locked away from a scare never went outside at all she was told by the young woman who took care of her that the young woman loved her but couldn’t be with her because she couldn’t she refused to go outside in the world and her uncle is a mobster,

The girl we will call Red had been traumatised and refused to leave her home had vanished,

Everyone feared she was dead there was evidence that someone had gone into her home and the door was left open and the girl had vanished she had gone to ask Uncle who was mobster if she could have a hand in marriage of the woman who had been Red’s caretaker ,

Red loved her caretaker who had quit,

The uncle had a bowling alley and he said little girl why should I give you the hand of my niece with your too afraid to live!

And the the niece said why are you out of your house, Red you left your hole why did you do that the woman said I had to show you it I wasn’t a coward why would you want to spend your life with a coward,

Red you left your home why did you do that ,

Red said I had to show you it I wasn’t a coward why would you want to spend your life with a coward,

It was a Valentine episode,

I’m not really sure if it was the closer it sounds right though but I’m not sure but it was really good I had videotaped every one of the ones that had anything to do with Gays and lesbians,

Ellen De Generous and I are the same age ,

My Mom hated her,

I came out in 1998 ,

I had clustered myself away,

Literally I was behind the coats behind all the crap in front of the wall of the back wall of the class I was actually in the old house we had a closet within a closet I was in that back closet that no one knew about that we slid the old paintings into I was in that closet,

It’s pretty bad your essay poem gets so long because you’ve been crying as you’ve been writing you have to go back to see what the heck your name or the title of your poem is,

I was 40 when I first had sex and my Geo in Charlottesville,VA, in 216 parking lot with Teresa from the Singers Glen Virginia,

Trust me when I say that at 6 ft tall its hard to maneuver very well in a Geo but I managing to to ring all the bells and whistles,

My plastic windows were steamed there as well and in a car garage in Harrisonburg Virginia,

Just like today my windows are still steamed at 7:36 time to rise my dad would say daylight in the swamp,

For those of you out there with little minds it’s still hard for those us to live without a community and you want to take that away from us we are your sisters and your mothers and your brothers and your father’s we have a right to our piece of America too we die for it so we too can live,

I am blessed because my format is within my writing community very few mines are little we are creative we are emotional we are writers,


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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