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Tippy tippy top girl

Ellen Beth Heike was that girl,

Ellen where’s my kid sister,

I was always a kid in the ground looking up,

Proud my baby sister reach the top,

Until you reach the time without me,

Sisters are supposed to grow old together,

How do you grow old together what is gone,

Species life alone leaves a a sour taste in your mouth,

Ellen followed the pack,

My older have sister used her as one,

Ellen was much more than a follower,

When Ellen’s Brandy dog died,

I got a letter from my sister in Black hills South Dakota that had more heart than I knew she had telling me about the life of dog and how much she loves the dog that dad found on the farm chocolate lab she names Brandy,

Ellen had a dog when she died but her best dogs had proceeded her in death and I know that when she died they were there and Mom that look forward to seeing them again,

What others talk about pain I have pain in my body but I have pain in my heart that’s deeper and burns harder,

It hurt me deeply when she allowed Diana to use her and destroy me,

I waited and waited for her to come to my door,

Tell me she understood she was used to force mother from her home and that she had no control over Diana or how horrible she was the mother,

Mentioned on my blog that I was going to see Ellen on the 3rd of June 2018,

Unfortunately my nemesis read my blogs religiously,

When I drove up the hill and Dad’s old truck to see Ellen with a box of books she loved books love books to read with dogs and cats and Nicholas Sparks,

My baby your sister her photo is on my YouTube and etched to my heart,

Diana’s son’s mobile home Robbie Dobby do was there of Texas the cat was in the window mother had been given a cat not the cat Diana murdered in 214 in December when she snuck into her house and started our laundry room on fire while mother and I watch TV,

A different cat for mother doing what she wanted and writing me out of ownership of my grandfather’s property in northern Wisconsin,

The grandfather the first time Diana met him when Dad brought mother up to meet dad and grandma Diana Lee called grandpa a pedophile she was eight a word she got from my grandmother for a Christian shoes full of hate,

I find that on the whole most Christians are hate of anything that they don’t approve of hate of anything different and if anyone not Christian,

When the twin towers collapsed after being bombed everybody I knew in Virginia so many races bigots they’re like hiders in a crowd followers called anyone who is Indian or Arab towel heads,

My baby sister was a follower she went to church she filed a gang in high school and she was easy to lead,

At 3rd of June I just barely dragged the box that I had taken to my sister to her garage no one came out help me but my older half sister called the alma key sheriff’s Department and had to sheriff vehicles come up to my sister’s house I had done nothing wrong but go to see my baby sister cuz I thought it was time we talked because she wasn’t coming to my door she wasn’t apologizing when I hugged her in October at 2:15 she said I didn’t think you’d want to hug me anymore I broke my empathic heart,

It wasn’t enough that my older half sister took Mom I got mother within a couple days to say we did this we did that we as a control word narcissist control,

So Ellen had in a bottle her boys told me they tried to get Ellen The cure they didn’t know the cost I know the cause our half sister Diana Lee Dudley a Granbury Texas the nurses prick came into our lives at 8 years old accused my granddad of being a pedophile and when dad died when after Mom to live off her to keep her doped up and codeine until the day she stopped breathing,

Tippy,Tippy Top girl,

Ellen Beth Heike daughter of Leon Norbert and Marian Deloris Heike of Waukon,Iowa,nearly lost Ellen at birth due to Whopping cough lost the will to live six months and twenty-four days after the best mom who ever walked the earth finally was blessed freedom from Diana Lee Heike Dud,

The Brons girls were at the farewell of Ellen Beth Heike Mathis,

Melinda Mahr Berns wasn’t,

Maynard Ellen called her,

I will always wonder why!

Her murder was not there either,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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