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Third day

Third hottest day northern Iowa,

Before July,

Weather people say ninety seven,

We had so far,

First tornado in December,

Not just in my life,

But in all of Iowa,

It arrived on an unnormal winter warm day,

December eighteenth,twenty-twenty-one,

First ever in twenty-twenty -two,

Poked it’s nasty bitchy self,

Buchanan County,March,

Another unnaturally warm winter day,

In northern Iowa it is normal our winters run to June,

Mother and I never planted the garden until after June started,

The benefit of that is we had produce until November,

My last Tomato plant is on its last legs,

To hot on my porch under porch see through roof,

Healthy yesterday today different story,

March tornado sailed right by us,

Third one i ever heard,

Sounds like a long ass loaded train,

First scorcher unheard of in northern Iowa till end of August and then only just around eighty-six,

May thirteenth,

Sink in all we are northern Iowa,

Last May the first of it we had freezing temperatures,

Not this May,

Only an idiot doubts global warming,

I think all of us home owners of mobile homes that the government,

Our government family as well as us donned uniforms to serve our flag,

But are Not Not Seen as worthy of yo stop burning fossil fuels,

I thing there should be grants available so we can get an electric furnace,

Well May thirteenth or there abouts we had our first in record history temperature that was ninety-seven,

Last Tuesday June thirteenth exactly we had ninety-nine,

We are five hours from the Twin cities,

Only really tall buildings we have in the mill,

The corn looks good,

I count on my little tote garden,

We are not allowed to did in the ground,

This entire week will be hot and hotter still,

Fossil fuel is a huge contributor of global warming,

We need to alter this course or we as a planet are doomed,

This Not Propaganda!

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