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Chapter 9,Chat with Roddenberry, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(plus audio for first nine chapters in audio from my podcast on anchor)


I was wondering one day and then I went and found what I wanted to know that’s how learning is. At least for me. Hi wondered how old was that a writer like Gene Roddenberry,came to his conclusions in connection with time and the future as a time line.

So I took what I did well by nineteen sixty in America where I still thought as the colonies and ran with it. I’d come forward out of the past to discuss time-lines with a writer I enjoyed.

I found a bar Gene Roddenberry and his wife frequent then I went back ten years and bought that property. A property owned is always easier to roam if in your name. I called the bar the Salty dog. The bar was nestled on the coast of California.My Clipper ship that went on excursion was called the Enterprise she rode the tide near by.(1)

The ship an exact copy of one that sailed in the American Navy in seventeen ninety-nine.When I say exact down to the bullet holes from its last engagement. Gene named his ship in his books after her. A ship is always a she.

The bar was dark. The music subtle the food devine.All staff spoke flawless French. Each table had a translator device or you could simply inquire. Private stock wine was serve warm no ice. Other liquor and beers came from all over in California as well as beer. Say an Alaskan bar sold only food and booze from their All bars were state loyal.

I had bars in twenty-seven states they only served that states products.Employed some Guild. Mostly vampires familes and from the LGBTQ community.

His wife was a saucy minx. The wife was meaningless adornment. After quiet running the business a poker game was arranged:Jon Katz, Steven King, Charlene Harris,Ann Rice,Nathan Phillion,Brian Jacques and myself.

The stakes were not monitory. Each hand won they won the right to ask four questions from those at the table. And we played hearts.My house my rules.

Charlene won first question all of four to Jack. 1.Why hearts not Poker? I told her hearts is more skill and can be nasty depending on what you pass. 2. Why name a slick sexy bar the Salty dog? Well I said I’m a vampire. My ship the Enterprise rides high in the water outside.People who love old ships,men of wars will patronize my establishment. I can decorate as well as have bolt holes. Can continue living in my fashion. 3. How did you become a vampire and are they real?

I said my dear that’s two questions. I stood my elf boots were black came to my thigh My shirt was white open to my cleavage.My pants were black leather. I looked straight at Charlene walked to her put my hand out Come with me. Over my shoulder I say boys you may play a hand or two of poker we will return in a thrice!

Her throat was dry. We went toward the wall where a huge tapestry hung. I motioned for it to move and it did. The room inside was red oak. I stole a kiss. Before long she was in my arms wondering naked wondering if sex with a lesbian would make her a lesbian . I kissed her her mouth was insatiable. Her breast full.Her titties filled my mouth. Creamy white. Her cunt aroma aroused my tastebuds before my first taste.

I rose found her hot outstanding vein under her left breast and sank my fangs.Licked the small wound clean.Then took her mouth. Shared her taste of her sweet southern blood. No question was asked. I showed her how it was when I was twelve. My titties were rock hard. My clit burning to be played with.

Before I could move her hand was caressing my hot,hard,clit.Her mouth bit through my left nipple. It happened so fast. I rolled her over and buried my face in her warm soft curls. I fucked her with skill.I fucked her with fortitude I fucked her and licked her to distraction. She rose from the alter( my bed.) I was out of breathe. My hair was drenched from her cum. Then I bit her. My mound swelled. I sat up right and howled at the moon.I had not in centuries cum with such and orgassum.

I lifted her from the bed and took her to my Roman bath. And washed her then immerge and fucked her more. At the card table we would have been gone one hand.

When we went through the door where they sat time stopped. When we were redressed I could not stop smiling. Charlene asked did you make me a vampire. You blessed me. I said I told you what you wanted to know.And you are always welcome in my bed. And to my blood. You are still all of who you were. The boy who loves you will marry you. You can not share this. You will know when I am near.

Lets go. She asked with her thoughts will you take anyone else tonight. Baby girl I said I’m two million percent lesbian butch. Nathan is sweet but my cunt he will never taste. Mo why would I I had southern sweetness.

I said whose deal? Steven said well what did you tell her? Sorry her question ask her maybe she will share. Jacqueline I’m going home. I knew why I ate her clit long and hard.

Next winner was Gene. His question was can I use your ship in a future episode? I said sure.Charlene yells Jack I leap up and amble over I figured she wanted to punctuate a point home to Anne Rice not knowing that Ann and I had a Wiccan Pack.

Ann was teaching me Pagan things I knew. I was fine with her believing she was mentoring me in exchange for really good vampire down and dirty fucking good orgasms. Three times a week.Five when in town when I’m in the city. Charlene stood in front of me looped her arm over my neck and kissed me hot and deep. Something an hour ago would not have occured to her. Nathan yells ‘get a room!’

Gene a loud I got into a loud,long winded discussion on plot settings and time travel I instigated the discussion. I asked so whats wrong with changing a humans time line with a future device like a three d printer?

Gene said well you might be responsible for future inventors to develop the technology before time. I said ‘Gene aren’t you playing god?’ Say I’m Roman and Alien time traveler assassin lesbian changeling wolf who spent four hundred years in an accent Egyptian Pyramid. Every life I touch is changed.

You Gene change every ones point of view from reading your books.H.G.Wells believed humans would walk on the moon. Humanity did it.Was it suppose to happen in the time line it did or not? You keep writting I love your work. I whistled and Wanda Rose in her little sexy French hostess uniform came over with seven envelops.

I threw them on to the round table minus Charlene’s. Each envelop contains two shares of stock in this club. Will pay dividends annually four meals a month on the house.There are forty clubs in California. You may dine at all. Select your favorite three. Watch the stock.Thankyou for the game. Three clubs are resorts your families are welcome.

What I did not say was you will have to find them.Knowing Nathan brought you here. Nathan JJ’s son Jessy James the rat. Nathan changed was a sleek panther. When Nathan was leaving he hugs.I told him momma was expecting him for Sunday Supper.

Here ends chapter 9–Heike-a7k8fk9–By-Val-K-Whitewolf-a7ulc07–Flight–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-Whitewolf-a831bmb




Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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