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Chapter 7 Flying Jack Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf

Flying have you ever imagined you could fly have you ever watched a bird aerodynamically lift off fly where your imagination goes and then return to Earth and gently sit down. Have you ever wondered how that commences. Your vampire had written that flight was possible. And you didn’t have to become a bat to do it. You’re such a thing as a fruit bat and there’s some bats who drink blood I think they’re called vampire bats.

All that time in that vampire pyramid discovering reading researching emerging only to hunt at night. Got very boring I mean I love education education and rocks and I learned a lot Julius Caesar was the one who burned the library in Alexander I want a senseless asinine act that was. Storm threw a city destroy every bit of cognitive thought that transpired during that period. Makes everybody who were out there raping pillaging barbarians.

Senseless destruction makes no rational thought evident. The book that Darius picked up testify to the fact that vampires could fly I never tried to fly. Swimming was cool because you just were walking underneath the water your hair is in your eyes fish all about you pooping and other stuff in your way. But slight irrational thought would tell you it’s impossible for human body to fly. But I was no longer lucid and many occasions a dream that those few human years were I was in Egypt.

Approximately 200 years before I went to England I learned I read I frolic and I killed except for Sadie and I didn’t meet City till the 1600s I think you’re wrong a lot of thoughts lot of time stored in your brain can’t be right all the time. I started journaling and I wrote things down but sometimes when you recall them date is still off. Oh and the neat thing about being a vampire as you could wander from from pyramid to pyramid all you had to do is dig tunnels a hard part about getting into a pyramid is when you’re digging down.

The modern pyramid that I was in had lights. The Egyptians were very wise being bothered by one of my cats right now I turned on the air conditioning what a great great invention I have them in my homes usually I just have fans this is just a fan duct tape in the window as soon as it starts like about 6:00 I can be out and the Sun and it’s not detrimental to me right about that time is it more harmful when it first is rising.

So come here in this chapter to talk about flight do you fall off a building full of a cliff how in the world do you get the momentum you need to speed yourself forward and the air. Do you take a run and run as fast as you can and that lifts you off the ground. No! Wall walking is crazy fun and when people see you do it they cannot believe it it’s so far fetched to them nowhere to believe them when they tell it I really like walking on walls.

One night while I was sleeping or morning if you will I dreamed I was flying that I was on a cloud it was an eerie feeling. And when I realized that that’s exactly where I was I plumbed to the Earth fortunately their trees underneath me and so like a Disney character in the future I bounce from them to limb to them to live and landed in the pond and I swore so there’s might do it others might figure it out my brothers that are dragons flew all the time they had no problem with it but they were dragons.

I had a couple I had a couple brothers that were pair falcons and they had no problem flying. I tried it twice before I decided that I was never going to do it again and I’m about to become 17 and I have never done it again that’s 5 years old time and it took me almost 2,000 years to do it so I have never broke my promise this is not a very big chapter but this is my chapter on Flying.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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