Great Scott

Wanderer off,

Baby kitten,

Three a.m.,

Momma Val worried,

Awoke to puling sound,

Rising fast,

Dizzy spin,

Tossing blankets,

Screaming kitten baby,

Chester come to momma,

Seven set of eggs,

In my office stare,

No one is concern,

Chester’s still in the stage of,

Kitten or toy or…

Chew toy,

Sophie taps her in the head,

Momma Emily spits at her,

Teddi is a swatter too,

Others prefer irrelevance,

Once down the hall no kitten baby,

No puke,

Still I’m worried,

She Chester was full of sass yesterday,

Hung with the big kids,

Had a can of kitty food,

And chicken,

Sat fir a bit,

Only so much Sadie and Sophie and Emily starring I can get take,

Up I get,

Off I go,

Calling ‘Kitty baby come to momma!,

Blacks poophed someplace,




By the bathroom door,

Found wet yuck,

Sit back down,

Across in big old electric chair that sits,

Female cats not fixed pee on,


My eyes adjust,

There sits Chester,

Not ten feet away,

Silly Chester,

Silly mom Val,

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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