Remember that Sweet Charity diddy?

If you could see her now? Told you I was a nerd, Deep inside an old Queen, Love Musicals, Tony award are always better, Gayer then the Emmy’s, Well my baby girl, Who two weeks ago I fretted so, Worried I’d loose her like the other two wee ones, Today is the first time sheContinue reading “Remember that Sweet Charity diddy?”

What’s the deal?

Younger women grow more attracted to older butch lesbians uninterested in them! Why? Its interesting me I was never interested enough in younger days for hot women mostly to even say hi to. If they ran me over and I was bleeding to death they’d walk around me and scurry away.Few people want honest, reliable,steadfastContinue reading “What’s the deal?”


Better then Friends, Laughs still make me chuckle, Friends never made me grin, Never cared for straight buddy frivolity, Cheers was more humourous but not as good as Cosby, Evening Shade was good clean fun, Dave’s world was funnier and also better the friends, Cybill Is still a hoot, And lets face it hubba hubba!Continue reading “Cybill”

Over my tea cup

Peering down, An orange rough ball of fur, Bugging me, Sniffing, Pawing, Courious, Stuck her lips in my tea, Seeking a taste, Silly little girl, I told her matter of ‘you are not old enough for good hot tea with a shot of milk!’ Nana started me at five! Fifty-nine years ago, My pure NorwegianContinue reading “Over my tea cup”

Spit on Tissue

I do it to kittens for eye crap, Mom did it to us, Tissue and Spit, WD-40, County road to Quasqueton Iowa, Very interesting! Very interesting! {with German accent,above} Great line from old Laugh In Show, Still true! Was searching my archives for a word that mean accidental could find none,

Kitten no longer Pings

Slowly but surely, Getting better, Been sucking on vitamin C, Feeding her C enriched spit, Also once a day giving her vitamin E, Not capsule I bite it and squirt it in her mouth , Also a pumkin seed oil on her coat, I can only do what I can just now, Shes being aContinue reading “Kitten no longer Pings”

People sixty and older

Food is more.important then a hundred dollars in case we need a bandaids, I use paper towels on healing ankles because the stupid company my insurance is through card for a hundred dollars a month is for no stores near me, Give me a hundred and fifty per month for food, Keep you GD bandaids,Continue reading “People sixty and older”

Colder today then yesterday

The fire that is life, Well I have closed all windows but one, Feels like snow in northern Iowa, Forty-nine and wet, Fishing weather of my youth, Now if gas were affordable driving down roads less traveled, I didn’t close the back room because the window is a bitch to open, Last night when theContinue reading “Colder today then yesterday”

Rainy days and mondays,

In my youth their were days and great songs, In my adulthood great names of bands, Davy Jones always reminds me of the Monkeys, And Sherry Munson’s lie, I believed for a nano second that her cousin was Davy Jones, Sandy Ludwig told me at five, Batteries can bring back to life cats, So whenContinue reading “Rainy days and mondays,”

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