Swing the door

Swing the door this way, Swung it that way, You moved, Who phoned, Two cans and a string, It worked, Where is she who knows, Treasures silly are kept, Locked on empaths heart, Empaths seek that person who without efford, Swings the door, Unlocks hidden truths kept out of sight, I share enough, I haveContinue reading “Swing the door”


Grow up! See your children parents for people, When your eighty and your children are in their fifties, Parent’s your children are now adults, Parent’s Grow up, My own parents treated other people my age as adults, And me I was always just Val, Respect works both ways,

Diana lee Heike Dudley,Granbury, Texas sister or Satan’s concubine

Took my selfesteem, Took my good name, Lied to iowa Human Services, Lied and betrayed me to those I love the most, Bullied mom and Ellen to their death, Put two over the Counter Codine packs on our lovely browbeat diabetic eighty-seven year old mom, I told mom not to allow Diana to do thatContinue reading “Diana lee Heike Dudley,Granbury, Texas sister or Satan’s concubine”


So cold this spring, Northern Iowa sit and freeze day in, Day after day, Ten pm I go and sit bundled up, Electric stove on, About one am a friend calls to tell me of her woe, She wonders how long I will be up, She who is depressed, Slept most of day, I’m theContinue reading “Fifty-five”

Sadie between my legs

No,not being rude, Sadie is one if my young females, Sadies in heat, Never in sixty-four years have I known a cat to walk through my legs, Its scary, Annoying, I scream and yes swear, Need to get four little beauties fixed, Sadie is the leader of that pack, I know she is miserable, IContinue reading “Sadie between my legs”

Thing to remember about writing

When doing it on WordPress, Your day isn’t their day, They don’t function in our time of zone like Central, Mountain or Pacific time, Its like a universal now time, And like a job now one bothered to tell Anyone until its too late, I wanted to learn how to set up a website, WordPressContinue reading “Thing to remember about writing”

Puking is heard

Not a discouraging word, Somewhere Out of your room, Puke waits, If your hall is dark, Take no chances, Turn on the light, Because if like me, You will take one step to many, And step in that, Unseen, Still warm, Puke,

Mud puddles and little flags

On my way to Wally World, Squirt bottles buying I went, Like the big kid I am, Through all the roadside puddles splashed I, Passed a golf course I chanced to flash, Upon a time long ago there lived a lover of the sport, Worst putter on the earth, Flags bless them were flying, GotContinue reading “Mud puddles and little flags”

New question:Why does Bitcoin go to wallet and not directly to a miners bank account?

https://www.lawfareblog.com/how-start-disrupting-cryptocurrencies-mining-money-transmission https://www.investopedia.com/tech/how-does-bitcoin-mining-work/ https://www.cnbc.com/2014/01/23/cnbc-explains-how-to-mine-bitcoins-on-your-own.html https://www.bankrate.com/investing/what-is-bitcoin-mining/ https://freemanlaw.com/mining-explained-a-detailed-guide-on-how-cryptocurrency-mining-works/ https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/bitcoin-who-owns-it-who-mines-it-whos-breaking-law

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