Three kittens

Different moms, Two black and white, One long haired orange, Landlord said take them to Val, What do you think of that, Made my day, Sold another book, Nice too, But kittens, That gives me three books sold, Three more furry loves,

Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area

I meet the most interesting , Warm-hearted individuals, Today in customer Service as I was.searching for a number, This lady was paying her Alliant Energy bill, Ladies from town starts with an O, No I can not spell it starts with a O, My always silly called it Onion, To me it sounds like Ohwine,Continue reading “Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area”

Buried beneath

My three youngest kitties mom, Main coon in Pete’s shed, Second safest place here in Quasqueton,Iowa, Tucked her new litter in a shed full of debris, In the back sort of in a hole, Pete and his son are dilligently working to find the family, Growing and squirming, To keep them safe from humans whoContinue reading “Buried beneath”

Sixth of May twenty twenty-two

Things not good, If you want eggs and potatoes, But get neither times are hard Kwik Star gas with Ethenol still $4.09.9; so Input in a ten spot, Eggs are $2.99/dozen Two dozen over four dollars, Fourteen enchiladas last month was $6.88 now they $14.00, My thirty-one dollars for food went fast. Found lawn mowerContinue reading “Sixth of May twenty twenty-two”

One hundred thousand

If one hundred thousand according to the game thresh hold is only worth a dollar and twenty-five cents then I wonder why do some Bitcoin see to control a spin. The spins are done hourly. But each spin is only within approximately one hundred points at most then the first spin. Then on say aContinue reading “One hundred thousand”

Sold a book

Now not just a poet, Or an Empathic poet, Or an out lesbian entrepreneur, I’m also a collector, Sold my first book today, I will have earned part of seven dollars, Like Doc Heike would say, My dad,its money I did not have before, Of course he also said its better then being kicked inContinue reading “Sold a book”

Mission mom

Imagine if you will, Tactical operations, House in Quasqueton,Iowa, Maps and electrical technology everywhere you look, More complicated then Santa’s route room of good children, No boxes stacked to the ceiling, Lids askew, Some big boxes lids hanging on hooks, Hooks just made for three D replicators with a slot for lids no longer inContinue reading “Mission mom”

Three and the mummy texts

Asked neighbor again today for my shed key, Below is what she text back to me, Well it’s a rainy day I’m planning on getting my stuff out of there as soon as possible you should know that being as you listen to me through my phone and you probably should have informed whoever youContinue reading “Three and the mummy texts”

Put the Cus in Customer Service

US Celluar No longer are U able yo talk to a human, Like everything There’s a fee for that, The popcorn,yellow at Walmart sold in a unit of a pound, Just last summer that fiber, Yep popcorns a fiber, Walmart Greek yogurt pint still $3.49, Wal-Mart brand yogurt still $1.92, But popcorn yellow now isContinue reading “Put the Cus in Customer Service”

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