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Chapter 6,’The Tin man’s heart’, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(Lesbian Fiction)

Hello I write in first person it might be necessary to say vampires don’t breathe. But we fake it we fake it rather well. I was just reading one of Charlene Harris’s chapters 12 in ‘Dead Reckoning.’ The book previous the one we just read.

I found it very interesting for you see I had never thought to add that nuance. The fact that vampires even the undead don’t really breathe when we swim we sort of walk along the bottom of the pool or ocean wherever you might be we’re not swimmers.

We do like to be warm when we build a home we build a huge fireplace with a secret door through the fire no works well no one expects that there is a secret room on the other side of the firebox it is spectacular.

The nuance is like an Easter egg that can lay dorment unobserved. Whereas it seems everyone expects vampires to bite at the neck. Vampires don’t have to bite at the neck. Subtlety is in a less obvious location. I prefer a vein either under the left breast or an upper thigh.

At the upper thigh it can be done discreetly in the throngs with sexual performance. And you don’t have to take enough just a little it will scar over and the individual will continue to survive. If you take too much person dies then there’s the beheading and the hiding of the body you don’t have to hide the body and if you take too much because after you behead the person who had become a vampire they just go to ashes.

When first becoming aware of the fact that you are now a vampire and killing in the field of such as a battle field of Honor is different than accidentally taking too much blood and killing the One You’re with. Accidental death comes with guilt. Yes unless you are totally cruel and have no sensitivity left after years of draining blood out of victims or people accidentally killing the innocent is horrible. Horrible isn’t a strong enough word it’s horrific.

First time I accidentally took someone I had drank from having fun we had had extremely intoxicating hot sweet steamy vivacious orgasmic erotic sex. There’s no thought in my mind that I’m might accidentally become heady and take too much blood. We were sharing I take a little of her blood and I cut myself and she would drink from my blood the night preceded it was getting close to dawn and I should be away.

We were near my home and I had a tunnel that led from several homes that I had built to a lair. I had about an hour and a half before I was to be locked in or not locked in per se but secluded away on the other side of where sunlight comes.

There she lay White marble White I panicked I don’t know what to do I was only 12 was in my first 500 years you see I was 12 she was Egyptian. She’s the most fun I had had probably 300 years. And really had fun the first kill I took was not fun to just kill. I didn’t know any better it’s foolish to say it was an accident.

I was in luck cuz Darius and one of my brothers were near and they had their appropriate weapons to take her head. I was unaware at the time that my family was going behind me and cleaning up I was also unaware so easy to bring people across see I hadn’t read the book Darius had Darius love that book. He had taken the book actually to one of the motherships. Father told him where they were and used a 3D printer and made his own copy made just in case.

In case someday he might become a vampire. The old Egyptian vampire tried his best in the book to explain why you don’t want to make family vampires. You want your family to live out their existence in peace and and not have to find out the insatiable feeling and desire for the taste of blood.

The only thing that the Egyptian tried to pound into the new vampires head was the finality of taking life and the chance of that life could also become an undead. Life is full . Victims are everywhere victims life is full of evilness.

To a vampire hopefully only accidentall is simply done to survive. Battlefield which is life it’s hard enough. During the Black death in Egypt and Italy, England is all the same innocent died. Turn the Black death it was easiest to learn to become a physician so many bodies but if you were a hungry you did not drink from them blood needs to be alive and healthy. But I need to know this for a long time.

The ancient Egyptian wrote the heart needs to beat, blood needs to be warm it’s like a fine wine bouquet needs to exist. Young woman and young egyptian that I had taken. I turned her it was an accident and then I taught her . I didn’t know that if this happened I was a killer. Instead we stopped being lovers.At least I got that right. She was now my child.

She’s my age. I hadn’t had friends my age for a long time it’s not like if you’re born in the 60s and your friends are born in the 60s and you can relate to things. We’re from different areas she was Egyptian I was Roman. But I spent two and a half centuries learning Egyptian the knowledge I knew was that it was Greek and I have been taught Greek when I was a child I know younger than 12.

She was one of Pharaoh’s daughters. She had Green eyes hair black is coal. Granddaughter of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. The irony did not fall short it’s mark. We the changeling Guild of the Roman Battallion had come to Northern Africa by Alexander to mop up to kill the escaping Egyptians that had gone to sea to battle the Romans. The sea campaign that failed big time. Cleopatra’s brother had given Mark Anthony 40 ships.

Giving a person ships to take untrained sailors to go to battle in arena they’re not used to the ocean or sea was a foolish endeavor from the get-go. If you are expert fighting in the desert on land in a chariot do not deter and go to sea to fight dumb to the 19th millionth power.

My panic was exactly that 19th millionth power. I was all alone this nude young body beside me what do you do what do you do! So I went to Rome I walked there you don’t have to breathe so you know walking on the ocean floor and it’s a little hard we happen to have a mothership in the ocean . So I went there and rode to Rome.

I had my young friend to put in stasis I could not very well have a rising above a board of ship in the ocean one round and you know sucking blood from shipmates. So she was sort of Frozen, Frozen.

It wasn’t like she was going to die my major problem was going to the house where I knew my brother was. We had purchased four thousand acres a hundred years ago. 7Near Tuscan valley and the houses that we built we’re connected by tunnels.

Darius was alive and well because Darius had become a vampire several years previous. He had gotten while he had gone to Spain to check out something or other I don’t recall. Sometimes being a vampire is like having brain damage cuz you can’t remember everything. And Darius managed to get gored by a bull. The only thing, the only thing that would save his life was to bring him over.So now my older brother is my child.

In order to be convincing to people alive in the time that you are not is to make sure that your legacy is protected so your land is succeeded to buy your heirs sometimes you are your heir. I arrived at night dressed as a male found it much easier to travel and attire of a male. Servant open the door Darius was sent after he was told that I had arrived and he rushed into my arms like we were long lost cousins.

Jesse was also there along with our mother and a father and this is why you don’t want to bring people with you over from life to undead cuz sometimes they’re just as annoying alive as they are dead I mean you love them but you know they’re dead like you are. So if your Italian you worry.

So we just ran our lives differently than most other orchards and our vine yards and we made liquor and wine and all sorts of stuff they ran 24/7 different staff were always on. No interfered with our businesses after all we were Italians.

After I explained to Darius and Jesse the rat and of course mom and dad and 12 other brothers and my only sister of course we had to have pizza and spaghetti because we’re Italian it goes well with lots of garlic cuz like I said we are not against eating and we love garlic its beneficial for the blood.

After a lot of shouting I was told that if you can’t avoid an accident happening no whoop. We would just train her as a vampire. We have lost we’re not unruly renegade monsters. And oh there’s one biggie law among Vampires you can’t kill a vampire . A vampire can be killed by beheading if it hasn’t become sentient.

We have laws that govern vampires it teaches expectation: Vampires know they know what is expected of them you can kill them, you can’t kill them. I mean come on they don’t know anything except for the fact that they’re not dead and you can’t kill them it’s like a oh I can’t think of the term see TBI.

I got it now catch 22 I couldn’t think of that but now I got it I catch 22 is when you can’t do something because it’s against the law but they break the law and you’re allowed to. Going to school learning the language learning how to write not everybody can be locked in a pyramid for 200 years , The old vampire had stated in his book Killing lovers is borrowing trouble!’

Rosa I usually called her Cleo because her grandma was Cleopatra and she really hated that we stopped being lovers. I could not have sex with someone in my mind I saw as a child. She had to learn who you can take and who can’t take , hows the best way to take, how you need to kill .

We decided or I decided as her parent it would be best that she never walked on Earth again so she became a science officer aboard an unmanned probe that actually is nestled in the Moon we ship her pig’s blood she had so many freeze-dried packets we thought that would work we were stupid!

There was a mission to the Moon and she had never taken a human and so one of our members perished at her hands. No one takes a member a life of a member from The Guild. Her life was forfeit. She had been a vampire for 150 years. It only took one offense she lost her life I never want that to happen again.

The only time you bring someone across is if you love them. Nicole was young and vivacious enjoyed sexual deviant entertainment as much as I did and her taste was better than any nectar that ever I tasted. What she did to black leather and high stiletto shoes even when I was in my bar and with her walking in my fangs would extend and drop the spindle would come from my mouth.

She was tasty she looked like the actress who played the evil Queen in once upon a Time. She could enter a room in her elf boots nothing else her titties , her nipples hard and upright and she would stand with her legs apart just enough so the air could touch her clit.

I would fall to my knees she would come to me and hold my head so I could plunge with my tongue within that canal and lick and suck and nibble. The year was 1922 Cardinal lust was my favorite thing.

At Tuscan we had started bottling synthetic blood. Best served room temperature if you want to be a little naughty heat it it feeds all your needs unless you’re a horny little bastard she made me a horny little bastard.

Well I’m hot and wet so I have to return to writing in a little bit.

The one skill that stustained me throughout time was the thirst to know more.Read more,learn more. I studied some at the best schools in the world. London, Paris, Morocco,Madrid,Stockholm,New York,Virginia,Maine,Wisconsin,Washington, Saint Petersberg, Rome, Annapolis, West Point,Hamburg,Berlin,Scotland,Dublin.

When you are eternally young the best thing I believed I could do was make life for my family and friends better.

I became a Pagan after I view an innocent son of a carpenter die on a cross. I studied and applied my craft. Started a franchise of skin bars where no male gets what he thinks he is. Sex is profitable. Here ends Chapter 6.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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