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My mom

Mom,Marian D.Heike,

Born November forth nineteen twenty-seven Spencer Iowa at home,

To Clarence Ward Bittenger of Webb,Iowa and Lottie Henrietta Starky four grade school teacher,middle child.

Went to school in Spencer,Iowa,

Married briefly to a bully,a wife beater,mothered a daughter,divorced Lee H after two year of being brutally beaten in California,Diana Lee was a year and a half.They lived.with his mom who was ok with Lee beating the crap out of my to be mom. My dad’s weapon was verbal abuse.

Dad born to Paul John Andrew Heike of Butternut,Sawyer,County in northern Wisconsin and Agnes Kleeman Heike in Medford,Wisconsin.Ninereen hundred and twenty-seven,served in nineteen forty-six end of WWII.Went to school on GI Bill Palmer Iowa.Became a Chiropractor. Married mom July first,nineteen hundred and fifty-sixty and adopted Diana at eight.

Diana begged dad to adopt her started her narcissistic voyage forward at eight. Mom worked away from Diana in Des Moines,Iowa.Diana stayed with her grandparents in Spencer, Iowa while mom worked at Delcab( that’s not correct the name has slipped it will return then I’ll add it .

Dad’s older brother and wife and family could not come to the wedding. Wava Norma wife was due with their last child. So dad took his new family to Shawno to meet his folks and brother and sister. Upon meeting dad’s dad a vet from WWI and Insurance salesman Diana vlaimed.granddad felt her up. Mother was the center of attention.Diana hates.that so Diana proceeded to make mom look stupid. Diana had mastered this art Lying is bread and butter for narcississ.

Mom went to Wava who had four daughters and a son and Gertrude dad’s sister who had three sons and two daughters and told then grandpa just felt up her eight year old daughter. We Ellen and I were never allowed to be alone with grandpa.Grandpa a first sargent in France during the first WWI whose job was removal of dead and injured in the trenches nearly beat dad to death after ketching dad and friends drinking his booze.Geampa was not a pedophile. See diana’s power lies always worked for her .

Alway was Mrs.Heike since July 1st nineteen fifty-six until 2015,Diana changed mother’s mailing lables to read Marian Heike. Dad died in September twenty twelve.

After Gaslighting,threatening with her fist in my mom’s face,lying about mom and me and dad,then light our home up like a roman candle while mom and I watched a new TV show ‘Stalkers’,

Mom’s life was rules to her death by my half sister as she financially abused our strong mom,

Only thing left for mom was to pray to die,

Two pain packs bought over the counter on our eighty-seven year old mom,

Before 2014 December all mom has to contend with were the seventy phone calls a.week,

Telling the bully of the Heike family ‘No I’m not leaving my home,family,friends and cat,

Mom when she told a story about what happened st home mom would say Lee(that was my dad) and I,

Or Ellen (my baby sister)and I,

Or Val and I,

A week after the fire mom had been hovered over constantly as Diana made sure everyone saw her as the dutiful daughter,

Mom said ‘We did this our that!’

Narcissistic do that,

Mom lost her individuality,

I was just treated with condensation by a friend in Florida,

My pain is never ending,

No one stood up for mom and me,

My mom was full of terrific stuff,

My best friend and harshest credit

When I close my eyes shes here,

Telling me stick with me kid,

I’ll teach you a thing or two,

I never learned to beat the living crap out of bullies,

Diana’s lies to Iowa Fucking Human Service department had dad and I abusing mom,

Dad Never hit mom,

Nor I ,

At fifty In returned to college as a fulltime student,

Drove Amish for six years for gas money and auto repairs,

Cared for the garden,

Our cats,cooked,

Survived being struck by a ninety&three year old retired attorney,

He moved my left knee cap over,

I went through his windshield on my left elbow,

Then he stopped after driving over my ten speed bike,

Took seven years to get the MRI I should have been given after brought in with glass and gravel in my hairline,

I would gladly be struck over and over again and slained Diana dumping her body like trash in Bill Ferings, sink hole,

Not even Pat Zidlicky who I have known since 1998 could be bothered,

Her excuse I didn’t want to get involved,

Get off your ass and get the fuck involved when liars are destroying a good person who is a friend.

Mom I miss you and Ellen so,

If I’d see you sooner I would.

Kittens here need me,

Lonliness is deadly,

Having a friend who never sees you hurt too but still sees herself as an Empath is ridiculous,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

2 thoughts on “My mom

    1. You know it they need to come out and be aired cause when I looked for PTSD from narcississ who destroyed all my links with my family I got nothing! Goggle thinks all narcississ are mother’s. Few listings for older sisters


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