Chapter 3,Bolt Hole,Jack Night Walker by Valerie Whitewolf

Bolt hole’s are location sporatically places on properties owned by the a vampire. A bolt hole is designed to hide until the moon rises again.They are private.The security or mechanism that allows the vampire to remain undetective by anyone seeking to cause the individual harm is also very private. Some allow a way to enter a private study with all the comforts of home..

A Bolt hole has many meanings. 1. A hole a locking mechanism connects to in locking a door. 2. I hiddie hole ,compartment for a changeling or vampire to speed(bolt into) for safety.

Big enough for a homeowner to be safe with the luxuries to endure for the period needed. Or just a place to sleep.No dirt required.Why do I say that because the dirt of ones homeland is important but irrational movie writers have dramatize the truth if the soil. The soil has nothing to do with where you were born. The soil is what you died on during your first death. That soil is significant and a bit maybe a vile of that dirt can be found in ever cornerstone of every home you built or have built.

We are not cats we do not need a cat box. Nor a coffin. If you are like me you hate light in your eyes whole you slumber.The purpose of slumber is to restore cells.Now I hear you say Cells come on your dead. We are and we are not. If vampires were as you imagine we could not regenerate. Charlene Harris a vampire from Arkansas she writes about vampires.

Always write what you know. The fellow her Soukie is in love with git shot protecting her.Her fellow had the ability to push the bullet out resealing and repairing the injury. So cells repair and vampires Intelligent ones don’t.

It is concealed by in Jack’s home a knot. It opens with the technology not of the period.

One of my favorite writers was Brian Jacques used the phrase “drinking in a scene!’ That always allowed me to recal my old friend the first writer of the Flying Dutchman. When Brian was given the long face by his medical doctor upon him promising to continue his writings filling my library. I promised Brian his family would be protected by my families Guild. Then I inturn drank my old friend to the point of death.

We sat on the roof by the old chimney entrance allowing Brian one last memory of the sun rising. With Brian’s head in my lap. A bit of a dirty old man I slit under my left breast.

Unfortunately I learn the error of that idea a child(vampire fledgling first drink from under sires nipple.) Darius found me unconscious. Upon finding me he reopened in wrist and over a thousand years later he with metal pan in his other hand the year 2011. Automatically the scent of blood revived me enough.

Hours later Brian was standing by my bed looking down. Darius was lecturing on always like Zandra Rex instructed use the wrist with other hand holding a heavy metal frying pan & only fifteen Alexanders.

Years later while writing in one of my London flats,I heard the start of a Midsomer Murder on a Blue Raye disc in my collection hearing and reading detective shows is always helpful to any writer. The line was from an old vampire one bite and you shall never grow old!

Rubbish she should have said ‘wait then how did you get old!’ Truth must always ring through literature. The line should have continues ‘You will age one year for a five hundred until your second dead then one year = a thousand.

Assumption vampires automatically speak foreign languages. I was ensconched in that old vampires pyramid for approximately five hundred years except of course nightly excursions for sex and food. I was extremely studious. The library at Alexander sath my literary hunger.

I learn Arabic . In time with travel I learned Egyptian, British,Welsh,Scottish,Austrian,English,Yiddish,Sioux,Apache,Greek,Irish,Turkish, Latin. Its hard to travel and everything without the ability to speak like a native. Knowing the lingo also enhanced the enjoyment of those around you.

Its not enough to entwine oneself in a neighborhood unless you are seen mingling . Father use to preach ‘Everything worth doing is worth doing well!’

Stumbling and falling in an enterprise is ok as long as you brush yourself off and start all over again. Blood banks started as trial and errot.It was found in the ancient Egyptian’s book ‘So now your a vampire!’ The problem with the first blood banks was that you have to maintain the individual who is the container of the blood.

Food,lodging, few lies.Lies are like a habit they become their own entity. That’s why I take the position ‘Not to lie!’ If upon some occasion I chance to meet a mortal who sees the thought of immortality as neato keen I make them understand that being a blood bank is purely voluntary. They will be paid for their services,better than any other Blood Bank pays. If they choice I will make them my lover. I will not turn them.

Midsomer Murders season fifteen

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