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Intellect Assassin

People who willy Nilly say mean things,

Friend or foe,

Insulting the intellect of an older person,

That person me,

Doesn’t fly,

I simply told Celia,

A conversation is two ways,

People have the right to be heard,

She told me if I had other friends I could talk to them,

She told me she had other friends to talk to,

So upon her last call which made three in an hour,

I stopped picking up,

For six years every night awake I heard her pity party,

Every freaking night she calls me,

My detail is to tell this fifty-nine year old how woman I have never dated,

Would never date I was proud of her fir doing something,

Whatever she did my detail was to virtually give her a gold star,

Life is finite,

Life is hard,

Alone life sucks,

There are no people to converse with,

She makes fun I chat with my cats,

I have been scolded for disturbing her time by telling her things,

She will say ‘are you done with your stuff I didn’t call to hear it!’

She will call back simply to tell me how unsupported she thought I was,

I have one narcissistic half sister piece of shit in my family,

Who after two and a half years if Gaslighting our strong mom from her home,

Then assaulting mom in front of me,

After a priest friend if mine came to our home December second 2014,

Diana who could drive from Granbury,Texas to Waukon,Iowa in eight hours walked in our unlocked front door started a fire in our electric drier while mom and I sat with the cats watching the new TV show Stalkers two rooms away and walked out,

Eight pm there was no fire,

No smoke,

Electric driers produce only 2% of laundryroom fires in America,

Out of six smoke alarms only one in basement stair wall went off at ten o three,

December third two fourteen,

I found the fire,

Went to sit in front of mom,

Said mom you have to come to the floor we have to leave the house,

Last I heard before I died was ‘I can’t Val I’m calling 911’

The four days I was in intensive care Diana Lee Heike Dudley had the nursing staff Waukon Veterans Memorial believing her swill just like the Iowa God damn human service things. That I beat my mom,didn’t feed our mu who wasn’t bedridden and I started the fire,

I left in four days my nephew took me home after a night at his home in Cedar Rapids,

We went directly to the Waukon Fire Department so the fire department whatever could accuse me of being responsible for starting the fire in the e ok electric drier.

I had a red headed male nurse tell me if he knew on the third of December I was a mother abuser/ fire starter he would have simply allowed me to die.

If I had had money I would have taken every penny Waukon Iowa hospital nursing staff and Fire Department had.

The firemen had smashed the back of my head into a wall getting me out of our home,

I still feel it,

Narcissistic monster like Diana are the bullies people can’t wait to believe all their lies,

There are people who assassinate our intellect,

Worst then making us bloody with their fist,

I was brow beat like my mom,

Then at fifty-six I was lied onto Elder abuse so my half sister could force our mom from her home.

Diana sent two men from human services in our back door,

They were told you can see moms feet from the den but don’t ring the doorbell,

Mom’s bedridden,

Left for hours alone with no food or phone,

That was the day we started locking the backdoor,

Mom was extremely active for eighty-six,

Drove to Spencer Iowa to see her older sister,

Went to the nursing home to see dad nearly daily,

Cooked,mom was Never an invalid!

No one cared,

I was disabled a fulltime student,

That’s a bitch,I was driving Amish for gas money and auto repairs to September,

Cared for garden and cooked with no help .

Celia still tells me thats done forget it move on,

She was raped from two on by her dad the neighborhood doctor and her uncle,

How odd she see her pain and destruction worst then mine,

I have no bullies in your life,

Bullies carved me and mom and my baby sister up ,

Mom and Ellen escaped this realm in twenty-twenty,

I was left bloody with my good name stollen by Iowa Human Services and Diana Lee Heike Dudley of granbury,Texas to bleed out,

I think we all or at least some of us have suffered at others hands,

I have PTSD,

I love chatting but never assume anyone’s trauma is less significant then yours,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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