Would Jesus church

Still have followers today in 2022?

If the four writers after his death had not wrote?

The power of the written word made one individual a deity,

Not without the gospel writers,

Did any know if Jesus really was a carpenter?


When were they written in contrast to when he walked?


Wow, I was taught Jesus like his adopted dad was a carpenter Anyone else think that?



If no one wrote the gospels woukd christianity survived?

Answer to If the gospels were not written till many years after the time of Christ, how can we be sure of their validity? by Sadie Hardwick https://www.quora.com/If-the-gospels-were-not-written-till-many-years-after-the-time-of-Christ-how-can-we-be-sure-of-their-validity/answer/Sadie-Hardwick?ch=15&oid=222931591&share=0e277a1b&srid=3LY5H&target_type=answer




Why was Jesus rarely painted the Jew he was?


Why was the Pagan church entwined with christianity?


Was Mary the mom to other children?


Were any of his twelve married?


Did all twelve minister their faith?


I have more question but for now theres alot to absorb.

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