Put the question to my lesbian community in Iowa.The question is about getting my key from the neighbor for my shed.

My question on FaceBook:Hello does anyone know how to deal with a lying neighbor? I shared all I had including my vehicle with my user christian neighbor.Then when I stopped allowing her to use my car she lied to the land lord that I threw food at her mobile home and told him to move my home. I even gad allowed her to use my shed at no charge niw I want my jey back.I’m afraid to go next door and ask for it back because I don’t trust her not do I know what lie she will tell land lord now.I figure she finally grasped her neighbors a lesbian. I drove her all over When I’d drive her to CR forty miles away she’s give me $10.Usually we drove there on my gas.I just want my key back,then will count days whatever till my home is mine I can sell. Any thoughts would be great to hear. A friends husband thinks I should give her a time limit and toss her stuff out I”m one if those rare things a genuine good person.

#1friend:Lots of emotional energy going on her. Take a friend with you ask for your key back if she says no take her stuff out of your shed put it in front of your house. Put a new lock on your shed. Let her know in person this is what you are going to do. Pull up your big girl panties and do it. Keep written record so you can share it with the landlord. Your friend could video the conversation at her door.

#2: also photograph or video everything you take out and put on her property. That way she can’t say you kept or “stole” something.

Me:thanks I’m not going to do that. My mobile homes shed is away from her yard The land us not even and I shalln’t fall doing something In feel is mean. She has used me. She can not harm me I simply asked in a text for my shed key to be returned it was not. I will have to have my lick sawed off she I can place a new lock on the shed. I refuse to fight with the christian bully .

#3:Last idea I received was to move. Not moving over a key and a bully.I wonder if the person who suggested that understands whats involved in moving.

Ruth (girl from my hometown) ( me talking to Ruth)she gave me back my stuff.Took offence when I stopped loaning my only form of transportation. Hello Ruth lovely meeting you. She’s had my key to my shed since fall. I have to figure out how I shall gain access to my shed without a key My ex has another lock she will post from Georgia.

Ruth talking(Hey Valerie K Heike Whitewolf I grew up in Waukon. I am Rhonda Bloxham younger sister. What kind of lock is it. If a padlock a bolt cutter would work. If not you could try drilling out the lock. Or get a lock smith.)

Me to Ruth(Ruth when mom died my half sister was sure I’d get nothing but I got a third and I put money on a refurbished trailer here in Quasqueton. Wish my nephews spoke to me.you sure find out who they are if you have a narcississ half sister who lies with every breath.)

Ruth(Valerie K Heike Whitewolf I know families this has happened to. My dad passed last year. Mom is still ticking along, but the inheritance issue seems to have a few worried about it. Me it is just money. I learned a long time ago how to live without it.)

Me(This is my first home. When I moved in my friend across the way told me.not to mention I’m gay and that that might look keep me out. That surprised me thought the lady was a friend.Her eldest sons gay. Well off the find food. Ruth so cool a lesbian I know. When i was a little kid I thought I was all alone. Its a bitch not knowing who you are until your forty. )

Ruth(Valerie K Heike Whitewolf there were more of us then you could imagine. Just that NE Iowa was not a friendly place to be.)

Me(Ruth Lembke my first real friend in Waukon I met through PFLAG while working as Lead in Fudge and Ice Cream Mount Rushmore while sitting in the basement at my first gay friends home I had just watched Hello Dolly they dealt in old film and carbon based projectors. Picked up a DC paper there was Jean Huffy in the parade with her gay son. So when I came out had to leave my management job many companies are lead by bigots . I mustered the courage and knocked on her door.Ruth my first real friend in Waukon I met through PFLAG while working as Lead in Fudge and Ice Cream Mount Rushmore while sitting in the basement at my first gay friends home I had just watch

Friend #4:I believe you’re a good person. Yes I would give her a time limit to get her crap out of your storage. And no you shouldn’t have to leave your house. You need to get your property under control and hers away from it. And then have no further dealings with this person because obviously she cannot be trusted. When someone tells me that there are Christian I have to look at their actions before I believe their words. Good luck with this I hope all work so well for you

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