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Chapter 4, Struggle,Jacqueline Night Walker by Val Whitewolf

Time heals all wounds is erronous. The feeling of lost not from time more from what is missed. Being in the state of denial feels like when it is found out vampires life is seemingly endless want what you have. The missing comes to the forefront when in order to view sunshine I do it from out in space.

The sun is pain to me.It is not death.A burn from slightly being exposed takes considerable time to heal. When understanding that a vampire is and is not dead it is possible to imagine a wound healing on a dead person. Now that is nearly a miracle.

When Jacqueline was bitten so very long ago Darius her brother read that like man does not live on bread alone a vampire can not survive on blood alone. Years later a member of the guild wrote a vampire book called Dracula by Bram Stoker.Stoker took what is refered to as poetic license.

Poetic license refers to a writer having the ability within is work if fiction to change truths. Like the sun will kill the undead vampire. See vampires are really not dead. That’s why our tissue will restore itself. I learn before my fifteenth birthday {one hundred and five hundred years after bit} At Cambridge in twelve oh nine,I was not really fifteen yet and was never male but here I was.

I had been in Great Britain since forty- three A.D. I studied closeted away in the old vampires tomb with all the scrolls my brothers and the troops who opted to willingly join the Guild or die by the sword. Years later a guild member would make that phrase his ‘Your with us or Against us! in a movie. It was said in the desert near Alexander in northern Africa first.

About all but six of the Legion swore allegiances to the Guild. Then sailed back to Rome. About fifteen hundred of the Guild went to Great Britian which was called at the time by the Romans ‘Britannica’ like shorter version best

Land was claimed in time by my family. Villas were built with large deep underground functioning extensions for living and security. Cambridge in twelve oh nine was in its infancy. The things no I mean skills hope to glean in the night classes I took sword,bow and arrow its very important to survive.Knowing how to defend oneself was detramental to me.

I was young, lith, with oodles of grace and I found women as tender and delicious as when I was alive at twelve and not pretending I was male. I learned finesse in killing. Never kill after feasting between a women’s thighs.Always take a male away from where to sath your pleasure.

A gift years of literature and still two thousand years later an intellect and lover of literature. One of Jacqueline’s favorite author also a vampire Charlene Harris. Feet propped up on my huge walnut desk from one tree in Wisconsin’s northern blue ridge range{ Wisconsin’s Iron Mining area.}

A giggle emerged from me several times a chapter. While re-reading a author signed volume of ‘Deadlocked’ I was the erroneous proof that two natured can become the undead. In chapter nine the last part of the chapter the author had hinted at that a two natured{Changeling} could not be a vampire born years ago.

With a thought I stopped regaling Charlene Harris tale ‘Deadlocked’,shouted toward the huge solid white oak door taken eons ago from one of my Castles built around 1545. Twenty-five thousand nestle near the Rhine in Deutschland.(Germany) .

Jacqueline had six in Austria and thirteen in Germany. There were a few in other countries. Massively great beneath those castles still sturdy as well as those appearing shells. Was massive structures the only proof of a substructure could be seen ‘Out,Out,I mean Out in space.’ I turned toward the great hulk of a door and thought it open a crack. And thought Lilly please send sixty no wait twelve of my most beautiful rose plants to Charlene Harris,thank her for the signed copy.Ask if I could also have a copy not made for hard of seeing.

Lilly yelled back ‘her home!’ Yes!Lilly thought sure boss!

On the edge of the desk I sat perched. Recalling our redesigning the inner tomb where Zandar had resided. There was no mummy in the personalized tomb.For two thousand five hundred and thirty-six years,I’m calling him Blaa rested in the stone coffin. I learn to translate Scottish and Welsh. Scot lets face it is not a vampire sort of name now is it?

A stair case down through the opening of the coffin, the trip down was alternated , fifty shallow steps, turn left down another.eighty then rest station. Then rest of way to the cavern and the desert base was beyond the intellectually challenged hatch.

Figuring future archeologist who might find the stair case would never,ever discover the living quarters of a vampire and her family. Translating the old vampire to every year availability was difficult. But having been a changeling and an alien adding vampire/ time traveler added spice to life .

The development of synthetic blood was better then having to kill this nipped the likelihood of kills becoming a vampire.Newbies that’s a person who survives death. That was a totally annoying lesson to learn.

The struggle commences in your core. The first stake I tried that next day after my first kill. I use to love them . I became a vegan in time. Lesson learned:The man,Egyptian had a heart attack so I got distracted and before I knew it I had wondered off. Then wammo blammo the dude was out hunting he was a bastard indiscrimiately killing not strangers his entire family. The monster killed all but the family dog. We have the dog.

Before Darius and I caught them all this monster vampire and killed his entire family except the family dog. We beheaded them all then torched their home. It was then my father shared in a letter about the ships placed in space and the Atlantic beneath and the Sahara as well as that they manned and the technology far supasses any known technology.

Killing was still done that will be discussed at a different time.


Information on Cambridge:

Roman’s sailed to Great Britian:

Romans called Britian:


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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