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Florida Electricians, What a fun name for a slow ass company, Left my friend without power to wash, No security lights🤔, There is lite at end if dark Harry Potter tunnle, Mr.Sparky has decided to do the work abd get paid later, So once again clothes will be washed, Security lights shall shine, Thankyou MrContinue reading “Mr.Sparky”



China purposes adults play object money mostly invisible, Tutorial one is literally taken by the hand, I just must have downloaded one before fell asleep, Called I believe ‘Ball drop!’ Or was it ball count, In a second not a thrice I thought two things:Stupid and N ..! Its like they see humanity as childContinue reading “Juvenille”


If I bought stocks, Disney, Acorn, Wisconsin,Iowa and Minnesota small brewers, Maryjane cause I can spell that, Paramont, PBS, Uvaro, Zoom, Wal-Mart, Iowa corn & beans, .. BitCoins, Then invest in my business, Rescue furpeople and people who like me roam, No place for harth or home, Bullish on my LGBTQ community young and old,Continue reading “Bullish”

American flag,

Red, White and blue, Blew now when tattered, Blew shredded less its former self, Mc Donalds,next to Wal-Mart, No excuse to fly a destroyed flag, Not shred the n a distant war torn land, Not weather bombs bursting in air, No American fell caring the fluttering icon, It would take a minute, Or less toContinue reading “American flag,”

Off on Sunday

Rumored to be historic, Temperature peeking fifty, February twenty-first, Twenty -twenty-two the historic , Off to see if mither ever made it home, Mother Marian D.Bittenger Heike wanted her ashes to rest with her mom and dad, Diana Lee a breaker of word, Killer of mother and my baby sister Ellen, Needs to be takenContinue reading “Off on Sunday”


In twenty twenty I lost my best friend & mom, Second time first time January two fifteen, Lost my baby sister, I morn them both until my end draws to a close, Met a lovely black calico and her two adult kittens, One evening in August the scary smoker neighbor brought by, Miss Emily theContinue reading “Sammy”

Poet at peace

Hot tea sipping, Watching Kittens, Cat in my arms, Loving on a dog Eating in a women’s kitchen, Holding a woman, Holding a hand, Disney movies, PBS British shows, Richard Strauss’s Opera’s, Musicals, Driving back roads seeking wildlife, Reading, Playing Marjohn, Watching Plays, Wisconsin driving up north, Wisconsin period, Remembering my Virginia, Laughing, Singing, RecallingContinue reading “Poet at peace”