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Two friends histories

Relatives a friend and my history.

Nonie:Luckily Paul still does that, the poop patrol. Sons and their families are OK as far as I know. One of my d-i-l’s birthday was yesterday, yes Valentines day. I’m happy that we are going up to Wisconsin Saturday to have her birthday party. They will order something for dinner, but the main reason is to see their new house! They moved in 2 days before Thanksgiving. We haven’t seen it yet.
Salem WI. near Kenosha. They sold that home on open house day after a bidding war. Then bought the new house they had already seen the next day.

Val:I know exactly where that is.I’m from twenty -six from Praire du Chien,Wisconsin. Awesome,my great grand dad and his family came from Prussia in 1900 settled in Butternut Wisconsin.He was a Lutheran Paster only nice thing about Iowa is it boarders Wisconsin.Safe travels.

Nonie: šŸ˜ thanks! My first Irish ancestor bought land for a farm in Pennsylvania in 1752. Eventually the rest were in Ohio and Missouri. The first Mehaffie in Penn. was a weaver, but farmed when he came here. I learned to weave in college and eventually owned two looms, but had to sell them late last year. No longer had the strength to use them. Old age can get you down, but the alternative is worse. Haha

Val: Mom’s side were Welsh and Norwegian and German,
MOM’S kin arrived late in the 1600’S.Bought land from William Penn’s brothers. Settled in PA and Virginia. Last name before changed to Americanize last name was Buddinger. The first naik in the first building in Gettysburg was hammered in by a relative. Family fought in American Revolution and war between the states on both sides.
Dad”s grandfather had three brothers in the Uzars the czar’s royal guard in Prussia. Very proud of them fir getting off their asses and seeking a better life. Real proud of grandpa Heike fir his service as an ambulance driver in the medical corps in Flanders during WWI. Then married for love. Agnes Kleeman Heike.

Nonie: What great ancestors! One of my Rebs supposedly got eaten by pigs while hiding from Union soldiers the other story was he was burned out when union soldiers lit all around a corn field where he was hiding. No one knows. Mom did genealogy for years and never could find out the truth. Probably was just shot. We had men on both sides. Paul is the one with famous relatives. His Mom’s side was a Lathrop governor of Penn., could have joined DAR, one of the Mayflower passengers. My family were all farmers.

Val:Me too,My Aunt Clarian did ours. Mom’s mom traces by to Norwegian royalty something about a duel.Nana’great grandma fell for a commoner. They fled to America. Mom had three distant uncles that were POW’s in Andersonville.My family were farmers as well.Cool huh.OlI think its important people knowing there roots

Best conversation.As a historian I live where families cane from.


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