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Not a salmon

Don’t look at me that way,


Just don’t,

I’m not here for anyone to feel sorry for,

Salmon spent their lives swimming home,


That’s right lay their eggs and die,

A young lesbian in Florida just told me she was sorry I was on disability,

Evidently she has never seen the stats,

Most people struck by a car on a horse or a ten speed don’t survive to the hospital,

I shake,had a shitty MD,

No test run and that night August eleventh after a final in Cultural Diversity with a smashed set wrist and a left knee a car tried to drive through still made supper for mom and day August 11th,2008.

I was fifty.

Took seven year before I found out I had a TBI and two small strokes,

Not my fault,

No employer employee disability on a cane with Honorable Discharges US Army who survived twice in sixty-three years being struck with a car,

Died twice in two fourteen at my half sisters hands with burnt lungs,

I limp but I get there,


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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